Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Living Our Vows: TOI & AMI

Valentine's Day is definitely a day of love and for lovers!
 I am thrilled to have TOI here today to share her story
about how they are living their vows.
If you read TOI's blog...you definitely love her beautiful way
of writing and sharing her rich life experiences.
 The couple have been together for twelve years and married seven years...
there is definitely a wealth of information she has!
Take is away TOI!

Hello Mrs Pancakes loyalists, I am TOI @ Life of TOI [life is more than The Baby Plan].
TOI stands for my full name which I prefer to keep undercover, lol :).
I was beside myself when Mrs P asked me to participate in this wonderful series.
And today I am here to testify how in marriage it comes to a time when our vows are put to the test.
But when we put our trust in the Almighty things can turn out better than we can ever imagine.

Let me flashback, shall we?
A year ago today hubby and I were jobless, close to penny less,
afraid of infertility and living with my inlaws.
I was SO unhappy because I blamed myself for situation.
Why were we in such situation?
I need to go back to 2010 – am I annoying you with my flashbacking?
Please keep up with me…
Well, May 2010 hubby went for an interview for a position as a lecturer at a university close to his parents house, with the possibility to start working September 2010 in the United Kingdom.
At the same time his old supervisor offered him a position
as assistant professor in a new DIY department in Canada starting February 2011.
For the wanting of adventure I opted for Canada, he agreed because we were young
and we thought it was going to be nice experience.
A new year a new start. Oh, it felt like God was giving us a new blank page
which we could fill up with all the colours from the rainbow we wanted.

We made a plan.
I quit my job in November and hubby surprised me with a trip to Paris.
 In our perfect plan we were going to receive our visa max mid January. 
However we didn't receive our visa mid-January. 
February rolled in and no sign of visa. 
 I would hide in the bedroom and cry pouring my heart to God.
The hubby received an email requesting I go to London for an interview.
We were worried sick. I prayed to God that if they didn't want to
 give me the visa it was unfair that they were dragging AMI in the middle.
 I hated myself for it, but AMI never blamed me.
In fact he was the shoulders for me to cry on.
He started to see the positive side of the waiting.

On 14-02-2011 I woke up moody.
Who cares about San Valentine, I thought.
For better or for worse we were sticking together and forgetting about money and visa.
Plus we decided that pregnancy can wait.
We started to enjoy the little things.
Because the more we waited the more we realised that no matter what,
 our love is stronger than any obstacle.
In was in the waiting...we realized what living our vows was all about!
March rolled in with all it blessings.
We got our Visa and were able to move in no-time.
 The rest is history in the making in this new continent called Canada.

On this Valentine's Day, I reflect on what a difference a year can make.
Today we have a beautiful home, stable careers, supportive friends and family
and a gorgeous daughter to share it all with!
Living Our Vows continues to bring nothing but blessings!

Thank you TOI for your beautiful testimony of for better or for worse....
and i love how special Valentine's Day has become to you and your family. 
What a blessing indeed!

Question of the Day:
How are you celebrating Valentine's Day today?


This Cookn' Mom said...

Thanks for sharing TOI, marriage has its ups and downs. I am glad you and AMI were able to hold each other down!


Marriage is not easy but I have found that if a couple is able to get through the hard times there is a blessing on the other side, what a beautiful story.

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

thanks so much for sharing... it's in the hard times that we learn what we are really made of. sounds like you guys are made of love. :)

Faith said...

ahh, this is beautiful. it is true, that even when things aren't going as planned God is always there working it out for us. and loving each other through all the hard times is another way that we continue to live our vows. loved reading this Toi! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


I love TOI. Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie :) xoxo

Lauren said...

Love your post TOI, what a reminder of God's amazing provision for us!

toi said...

Oh, Thank you Mrs Pancakes for allowing me to share my story :)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

It's so good to have the right one by your side during the tough times! :)

1 Funky Woman said...

It's those difficult times that either break you or make you stronger. Sometimes walking away seems the easiest but you and your husband are living proof that love does conquer all!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Pegster said...

TOI, this is such a great story of hope and love triumphing through it all. A year makes all the difference. I love reading your stories. Thanks for sharing.

Optimistic Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. This is an awesome testimony of how love can conquer all.

Bijee said...

This is a very touching and inspirational testimony. I love how you referenced the part that praying played in it all. Further the fact that you relied on each other and loved your way through it. Thanks so much for sharing and may you continue to be blessed.

Bravoe Runway said...

Very nice of you to feature TOI...I once had asked if she was your sister..not really sure why I made that conclusion :)

Janna Renee said...

Such a great post for V-day! Hope that you both had a good one!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

This is such a beautiful testimony!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Beautiful story, thanks for sharing! With LOVE anything and everything is possible!

toi said...

Thank you again everyone who read my testimony :).