Sunday, February 12, 2012

LongLazySunday: Week 5

How is everyone doing this Sunday?!
The whole today has been chilly with a little snow fall...and i mean a patch of snow!
Today was definitely a longlazysunday with church, breakfast with family,
smoothie break with granny and hanging out at the house, folding laundry, vaccuming,
 eating some delicious take-out and just hanging out.

Tried a new restaurant for breakfast...NOT the best but we were starving after church...

Mr. Pancakes made this delicious smoothie with black berries, strawberries, bananas and plain yogurt!

But my heart is a little heavy today too...actually since yesterday
because of the news about Whitney Houston...
i am just heartbroken for her and her family, especially her daughter. 
But God knows best for sure.
I will speak more on it in the coming week
but i wanted to just share my longlazysunday with you all....

How did you spend your longlazysunday or your weekend?
Go ahead grab the button and share along!


Faith said...

i am very saddened too :(

enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


i am sad too, RIP Whitney.

Rose's Daughter said...

So sad about Whitney! We( me and Pookah) were sick over here. So we spent the day lounging

Bravoe Runway said...

I hate mediocre restaurants as well but when you are hungry...nothing else matters much. It is so sad to hear that Whitney passed away, tender age of 48 :(

Lauren said...

bummer about the new restaurant! I always get excited to try new places and then I'm so disappointed if they're not up to par!

Lauryn said...

I definitely didn't have a lazy Sunday, but it was still a great day! I'm hoping next weekend we get to do a bit more relaxing!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Heather said...

The news about Whitney is so sad, but I'm glad her beautiful music will live on. I hope you're having a good Monday!