Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Relaxed Saturday & Being Tagged

Happy Saturday Ladies,

Today was the first time in a long time i got to lay in bed 
and just relax and spend time on my laptop browsing the Internet.
Lately all i do is dream of vacation spots to go like Barbados, Los Cabos...anywhere hot and sunny!

Anywho, the lovely and ever-so thoughtful Elizabeth of Love Is the Adventure has tagged me 
and so i am here to answer the fun questions.

1. Do you take vitamins?
I do, i take multivitamins for women and honestly i think 
it does wonders for my energy level throughout the day.

2. If theme music played every time you entered a room, what song would it be and why?
This such a good question.  I think it would be "Every Woman" by Chaka Khan, made popular by Whitney Houston.  That's the first song that popped into my mind.  It would probably change depending on what day it is.

3. What is one thing you’ve been too afraid to try but secretly want to?
Mhmmm...when it comes to blogging, it would definitely be being a fashion blogger.  I don't have the best fashion sense in the world but i look at some fashion bloggers (like my buddy B) and i am in awe of how she is able to put clothes together and make it soooo fun.  Maybe one day i will do a fashion posts for a week to challenge myself to be fashion forward and friendly!

4. What is the oldest piece of clothing in your closet?
I purchased this power suit dress like ten years ago and i REFUSE to get raid of it because i know i am going to fit into one day.  I know it's probably time to let it go but i am so in denial.  It's such a power suit!

5. Is there a fictional character that you relate to?
When i was younger it would have to be Angela from "My So-Called Life".  She has so much angst and was always in her head and for the longest time that's how i was as a teenager...always living in my head.  Plus i liked how she has the weirdest but most loyal friends.  And of course she had Jordan Catalano...i have crushed on a few of his characters!

6. What do you put in  your coffee if you drink it?
I don't drink a lot of coffee but when i do i put a lot of milk 
and sugar so it tastes more like hot chocolate coffee than coffee.

7. What’s the most annoying household chore?
I think it has to be folding the laundry...the hubby's washes and i fold and put away.  
Sometimes there is sooo much laundry i find it annoying to fold them all.

8. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?
Not a speeding ticket BUT lots of parking tickets working in a metropolitan area.  

9. What season of the year is your favorite?
This is a toss up between Spring and Fall...i just love how everything slowly turns colors in the Spring time.  It's hot but not too hot.  And of course Fall, i love the changing color of the pretty!

10. What are your favorite kinds of blog posts to read?
I love reading lifestyle posts where someone shares something about their life 
and what is going on with them.  It allows me to know someone a little bit more.  
Of course i also love seeing where people travel to, what they are cooking and of course wearing because it inspires me to want to try something new.

11. If you had to be another nationality, besides your own, what would you choose to be?
Mhmm....i love who i am but if i had to choose...i would probably try being Hawaiian 
because i think they are some of the most relaxed and easygoing people in the world.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!
Off to find more fun vacation spots....


Desiray said...

Enjoy your Saturday sis I think I am going to just relax myself and watch a few movies and take a nap today, as soon as I am done with these posting...

Nicole said...

Don't get rid of the suit! I have a pair of jeans that are about 7 years old, and I'm ALMOST fitting back into them! You can do it!