Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Celebrity Endorsements...Would You Buy It?

I love reading magazines BUT sometimes 
the amount of celebrity endorsements gets on my nerves like no other.  
If you ripped up all the ads in magazines...
you would end up having fifteen to twenty pages in a magazine.  
Now I understand magazine companies need to pay their bills 
but it's almost too much sometimes.

Will celebrity endorsements really make you buy products?

The perfumes, the shoes, purses, clothes, make-up, acne cream, bedding, household furniture etc..
I don't think i have ever purchased an item JUST because a celebrity was endorsing it.
For example, I don't think celebrities REALLY use the acne creams they advertise!
I might just be cynical but somehow i don't believe P-Diddy actually uses proactive every morning.
However, there are individuals who will buy proactive ONLY because P-Diddy supports this.

The other day i was thinking about how crazy we get 
when we want the next Gucci purse (i am guilty of this) 
or Louboutin shoes just because we saw some celebrity wearing it, 
when usually they get these products for free. 

Us regular people, on the other hand, work hard to make our money only to purchase
 products because a celebrity endorses it 
even though they don't wear it or use it except to get paid from it.

I am sure celebrity endorsements will make people buy products 
BUT in my world that ain't happening.
To me it just doesn't make cents (get it!)
As much as i want a Gucci purse or Louboutin shoes, 
i am not going to purchase it JUST because some celebrity is peddling them!

Anywho, off to the Question of the Day:
What are your thoughts on this topic?
Do you think as a Society, we go crazy for celebrity endorsements?


kita said...

This post came right on time. I am actually working on a new online magazine that caters to us regular people no celebs just regular hard working people who make a difference. I don't go crazy for celebrity endorsements I am sure it pays the bills but sometimes less is better.

Shauna said...

Im with you on this, it actually has gotten me to quit buying so many magazines. I dont want to spend my money or time on advertisements.


Krystal said...

My friend wrote her thesis on this topic! It's funny how endorsements "still" work nowadays.

Carlie said...

I totally agree with you! I do not buy products just bc they're endorsed by celebrities! It's crazy to me that people do though!

Dani @ OK, Dani said...

I think I'm immune to those endorsements. I don't buy a product because a celeb is in the ad. I'm surprised people do. Well, Adults. I can understand a kid or teen being that impressionable.

I always find it extra funny seeing...say...Eva longoria in a box hair dye commercial, and then seeing her on a show like E news or Extra with her celeb hair stylist. Like she's really at home with a timer, loose plastic gloves and bottles of dye doing her hair herself. Gimme a break.

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

A lot of folks will try to keep up with the "jones" and buy stuff they can't afford just to emulate celebs. If anything I'd be more likely to emulate style if I like it just b/c it's out there on display. I don't buy what I can't afford though. There are no red soled shoes in my closet no matter who is wearing them.


Well, don't get me started. I have never been moved by celebrity endorsements. Either a product speaks for itself or it doesn't. That's it from me. Take care of yourself.

Lisa x

Heather said...

I can understand the value to advertisers of having celeb endorsements, because even though someone may not run out and buy a product just because a celeb has endorsed it, it might at least get more people to look at the ad in the first place, which is their goal. I don't buy anything I don't need or can't afford, regardless of endorsements.

Mrs. H said...

I've never bought something simply because a celebrity uses it. In fact if I buy something its usually because I want it. My acne face wash for instance is probably one no one has ever heard of. Proactive pays about $1m for the endorsement of their product and I'm like you I don't believe the vast majority even use the products they endorse. I use what I like, from trial and error but not because of celebrity endorsements.

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

I'm over all the celebrity endorsements myself. It doesn't make me move to buy a product. At the end of the day they're being paid to say how awesome something is. Not really a genuine endorsement.

Karla said...

I am guilty of this.. If a person.. and yes sometimes a celebrity wearing something I like .. I want to buy It ASAP. HOWEVER I do it in a budget savy way
I would never pay 1k for shoes or a purse.. ( unless I really had the money) but even then I wouldn’t be able to excuse such selfish behavior. If I see something I like I go and find it at forever21.. Marshalls basically any store that wont charge me an arm and a leg.

Nali said...

I personally don't buy a product just because it was endorsed by a celebrity, but I am guilty of buying something because I saw that it looked good on them while they were grocery shopping or pumping gas, etc.

toi said...

i don't go too crazy on that but sometimes I know some young girls want to die just to look like a particular celebrity., i believe that's wrong

Tiffany said...

I find this topic fascinating since I studied advertising in grad school. In a nutshell, celebrity endorsements work - that's why advertisers do it. There are people out there who will buy certain products only if a certain celeb is attached to it. For example, how many teen girls would rush out to buy a product that Justin Beiber is seen with? Millions! It's sad, in my opinion but I'm sure the advertisers are thinking that if it ain't broke, they won't fix it!

Monique said...

As a society, yes. I do think that celebs are able to sell items. I don't think advertising companies would spend the money paying them big bucks if they didn't. Personally, I grew up in a home with a dad who had a buy nothing attitude. He made lots of things and bought things second hand. My mom on the other hand was a shop 'oholic. It was nice to have both personalities. I like to shop but I'm critical of what I buy and I am now swayed by certain marketing ploys.

Sarah Stright said...

I'm totally with you. I get so annoyed flipping through page after page after page of ads just looking for articles to read. I also wouldn't buy something just because a celebrity said to.

Bravoe Runway said...

There are definitely certain celebrity endorsements that I don't identify the celebrity with the brand. The most recent is Lisa Rinna and depends undergarments. There's nothing wrong with having to use depends but Lisa an Herve Leger long slim fitting evening gown wearing depends underneath? I find that hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

The endorsements don't really make me buy a product. It's cool when I can get something they endorse at a good price, but otherwise it doesn't do much for me to make the purchase. Now I might check it out or try it on...just because. ;) lol