Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mommylogues: Working Out With Baby!

Happy Tuesday!!


I saw this picture...which made me squint my eyes and think "that's just NOT right".
It also prompted me to write a blog post about working out with baby!

I have read all the advice about working out throughout your pregnancy. 
The importance of keeping fit because it helps with pregnancy related illnesses, 
labor and delivery and also postpartum...after all you need your energy to take care of your baby.  Additionally, we all know working out just makes you feel good!
BUT when i see pictures like the one above...
i can't help but think you shouldn't be holding such heavy weights with a baby in your belly!

In the beginning of the pregnancy, 
i was working out, running at least two miles, three times out of the week.  
I was doing strength training with my free hand weights.  
Doing some yoga most days.  
Drinking lots of water and taking care of myself.  
I ran/walked the half marathon when Baby Pancakes was 17weeks.  
And as difficult as it was, i completed the 13.1miles.  
With the encouragement and support of Mr. Pancakes.
He met me at various spots to encourage and help me.
At the end of the race, i felt such euphoria. 
 I felt as if i could do and be anything!  
It was definitely an awesome day!

Needless to say after the half marathon, i was SORE for a complete week.  
Then i  went away for about a week and by the time i returned home,
 i had basically fallen off the working out wagon.  

I have since slowly gotten back to working out.  
Mostly a lot of stretching and strength training with 5/8 lbs free hand weights. 
Most days i try to walk a lot during the day.  
I haven't been running and or pushing myself to the point of exhaustion.
 I feel blessed to have the energy i have most days.
I hope to continue moving all the way up to when Baby Pancakes comes!

The best advice is to work out during pregnancy BUT do so cautiously.
We have to do what we feel most comfortable but it can't always be about the mother.
We have to think about the baby too!
After all we want to stay fit so we can keep up with baby!
I am no personal trainer...just some thoughts on this Tuesday!

Question of the Day:
Am i the only one that was taken aback by the picture?
What was your workout routine like during pregnancy?


Rose's Daughter said...

My workout routine consisted of how fast I could get my donut from the box into my mouth! Lol! That being said, I walked a LOT. I think exercise in pregnancy is a wonderful thing. Trust me, it really pays off in labor and delivery and afterwards!

This Cookn' Mom said...

Wow, the lady in the pic seems to be doing that with ease. I guess she's fine as long as she isn't straining anything. I did not work out before, during, or after pregnancy. I could do better.

You ran a marathon while 17 weeks? Go girl!

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

you go girl! i had absolutely no energy to do any type of workout with both of my pregnancies. :) so excited for you and your new baby! :)

happy tuesday!

keyalus said...

Not taken back at all! That lady could have been me during my pregnancy. Can't say if she's a CrossFitter for sure but it looks that way. I did it before my pregnancy and continued 3x/week up through 39 weeks. It helped me keep some sense of normalcy because I couldn't run after 5 months and I hate yoga!

CrossFit has a site for pregnant women with recommendations on how to modify workouts as you get further along. I did what felt comfortable for me and I would have been fine doing what she's doing. She appears to be doing an overhead press with 45# on the bar. That's not a lot of weight...I can press 90# normally.

I think "cautious" just depends on the person and how they workout when they are not pregnant. Compared to my pre-pregnancy workouts, I did workout more cautiously during pregnancy. I didn't worry about speed, I didn't allow my heart rate to get to crazy levels, I used less weight and if anything felt funny (like running) I stopped immediately.

Sorry for blogging in your comments! :)


Good for you! I couldn't imagine running a marathon at 17 weeks. Not that I've ever been pregnant before... :)

A Haute Mommy said...

I can't with this picture! I never was the type to work out even before getting pregnant. During pregnancy I didn't do any excerise. I did do a lot of walking with the first and that's because I had to. I don't want to put any strain on the baby so that's out for me. Even if I was into excersing like that I feel like my body can do without for those few months. I do hope to have another and there will be no excersing for me except walking.

Fashion Pad said...

Girl a friend of mind was pole dancing up until month 9...it was her first pregnancy and she told me she believed it helped her immensely during labor. I don't know about the chick lifting all that weight in the picture above, but you must keep up a good workout regimen as recommended by your OB/GYN.

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I wasn't taken aback by the picture at all. I know quite a few pregnant moms who kept up the work out regime during pregnancy- all of their doctores okay'd it. I stoppped 'working' out after a certain point during my pregnancy because I would rather have slept. I was so exhausted!! However I did keep up a few activities such a ballet dancing and quite honestly my labor was smooth sailing. I'd definitely do some sort of regular excerising during my next pregnancy again (but only what I can handle)!

toi said...

I am not a weight lifting fav but I know that some ladies can workout as hard as that. when I was preggo I just kept my energy level with yoga and pilates, they did the trick.

you are such an inspiration for the 13miles run.

Anonymous said...

I was startled by that picture!! As far as I knew pregnant women are warned to not lift heavy things. I know I wouldn't be taking chances with anything like this. I had no work out routine during pregnancy. I did a lot of walking but not on purpose. I was still working and the walk to and from the parking lot was long. I also walked around the building a lot and purposely took the stairs. That was the extent of my exercise.

Lauren said...

I've always been told & heard that you can/should keep doing the training you were doing before you got pregnant into the later weeks of your pregnancy...the most important thing is not to start a strenuous training regimen at the same time you find out your pregnant!

LaNeshe said...

I think that pictures is AWESOME! More power to her. I think as long as a woman is having a normal pregnancy without complications there is nothing wrong with continuing working her arms and legs.

Alida said...

That photo scares me...but I guess I am too old fashioned. It was unusual for people to do more than walk to stay in shape back when I was pregnant.

Just a Jersey Girl said...

i want to know how she didn't tip over lol *just kidding*

IDK if I would be doing that...seems a bit much but I'm impressed with that photo because when I'm pregnant, that won't be me...that's not me now lol

Carlie said...

That is pretty incredible you finished a half being a little over 4 months pregnant! Great job! I hope to work out all through my (future) pregnancies!

Karla said...

Oh wow.. auuch.. were the first words that came out of my mind.. that seriously just doesn’t seem safe! I mean her arms alone don’t reflect those of a person that has been lifting prior to pregnancy. No babies here yet.. but I really-really want to continue working out when the time comes. The hubby would like to start trying in the near future so I have been trying to adapt a workout routine that can be modified once that time comes. Hats of to you half a marathon with baby on the way!!

kita said...

Work out routine I sure did have one swinging one leg out of the bed to go pee every hour on the hour. Then I walked down the stairs in the morning and went back up at night. Exercising in pregnancy is good but I hope the person in the picture consulted a doctor first.

Heather said...

Great advice! I think each woman is different, but I guarantee that when I am pregnant someday, I will not be doing any especially strenuous exercise!

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

that photo is doing a bit much for me. i guess if that works for her and her doctor - what can i say.

i worked out throughout my first pregnancy. it was what i was used to and just kept going after finding out i was pregnant. i did change up a bit to doing more yoga and pilates.

with this baby, the doctor shut down my working out when i was almost 5 months. :( looking forward to making my way back.

sounds like you're doing great!

Ashley said...

Um wow. This is a BIT extreme. I definitely worked out, but went easy on the weights.

Faith said...

Yeah that's a bit much. I hope to work out when I'm pregnant but nothing insane.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I did a lot of walking and a some yoga. Toward the end, yoga before bed was the only was i could sleep!

Pegster said...

This picture is definitely on the crazy side for me. More power to those who can do that but it's definitely not for me. I have not worked out this pregnancy, I was just too worried to do so. I will work out like a crazy person once my baby is out and safe and healthy. Not taking any chances here.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

I always said that I want to work out when I'm pregnant! Of course I'm sure that's easier said than done.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Definitely a shocking picture! Those weights are HUGE! I can't imagine lifting those (even without baby! haha)! :)
It's so great that you are working out and staying healthy for you and baby pancakes!

Kish said...

All I can say in response to this pic is "Wow!" (and not in a good way!)

TheHouseWifeRookie said...

I'm all about keeping in shape while pregnant! You are AMAZING for doing 13.1!!!! during my last pregnancy I remained active throughout and completed a 10k 3 weeks before delivery. I'm not sure that was the best decision, but I'm so glad I got the shirt! For this pregnancy, I continue to keep it up! It helped with all of those things you mentioned the first time, so I want to keep that up!

Janna Bogert said...

I definitely agree that that's a little much! I think you should be active, but not put too much stress on your body.

Miss Bee said...

This girl is definitely crazy! she shouldn't be lifting such heavy stuff at that stage of her pregnancy.

my work out routine consisted of zumba classes which i dint do too much of and also walked a lot as i did not have a car at the time...you are doing a great job with your working out..keep it up!

Sunny LouisvilleSlugger said...

Geez, that picture is a bit much! I don't think it looks healthy at all.

Umm yeah, my workout routine consisted of lifting myself off the couch. lol. No, I didn't really have a full on routine, I was taking 6 classes in college to graduate before she came so my workouts consisted of waddling around campus and to the restroom every 15 minutes!

Go you on that marathon!

Laura at Saying I do said...

good advice, I often wonder about this myself...how will my workouts change or continue when I get pregnant? I need to work on my core before I get pregnant though, I have totally lost it!

Anonymous said...

I only walked on the treadmill. I'm not sure what is going on in that pic. Interesting???

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I am so in awe of you! I walked 4 miles every day with my first baby. I wasn't as consistent with #2. I think each pregnant women can handle different levels of exercise