Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mommylogues: The Case of The Missing Taste Buds for Pancakes!

Yes ladies, you read that correctly...
this is the case of my missing taste buds for pancakes.

Since becoming pregnant...i have lost my love affair with pancakes.
The love affair has become nonexistent!

Which I guess is normal because they say during pregnancy...
you lose appetite for certain favorite foods. 
I didn't think my beloved pancakes would be one of them.
I have eaten maybe two pancake breakfasts since Baby Pancakes was conceived.
I have no taste for it and since being pregnant...
i won't eat a food item unless i have the taste for it.
Eating has become a head game. 
And my head hasn't craved Pancakes.

I wonder if i will feel the same after Baby Pancakes is here??
Is my taste buds lost forever?
Wouldn't that be devastating!!!
I have also noticed Mr. Pancakes is not eating a lot of pancakes...
possibly to support me but then again i used to make the bulk of our pancake breakfasts.

And does this also mean Baby Pancakes won't like pancakes?

If i was going to lose my appetite for anything during this pregnancy,
 i was hoping it would be for rice since rice turns into sugar after consumption. 
But my taste for rice never went and it's definitely NOT going anywhere.
But sadly my taste buds for Pancakes has disappeared
and i hope it returns soon after Baby Pancakes' arrival.
If not...i may be looking for a new blog-name:-)
And baby name...

So my question of the day is this,
What foods did stop craving when you were pregnant?
And what foods would you miss if you were pregnant?

I miss these babies!!

This post was brought to you because
 i didn't have any taste for breakfast and ended up eating watermelons!!


Gerri said...

Would you believe that I have never cared much for pancakes? If someone told me that I would never eat pancakes again for the rest of my life, I'd be perfectly fine with it. If I get some homemade ones, I may nibble a little bit (as long as they have a crisp to the edges of them), but restaurant pancakes (Mickey D's, Cracker Barrel, etc.) -- no thanks. (Now my kid is another story.)

As for your sudden non-interest in your favorite food, the same thing happened to me. I couldn't even go in my favorite restaurants because I couldn't stand the smell. Your love for your favorite foods will most likely return - no worries. :-)

Love the belly shots. :-)

Carlie said...

That would stink to not love pancakes anymore! I love having them for dinners sometimes. I'm curious to what kind of food cravings or aversions I'll have!

This Cookn' Mom said...

What? Mrs Pancakes can not like pancakes anymore! Lol. I'm sure your tastE will return. When I was pregnant I ended up disliking pizza and oranges, two things that I love.

Erica @ Mi Todo said...

I completely lost my sweet tooth. So weird, especially since I had a girl'

Heather said...

I hope you get your taste for pancakes back! I've heard other moms say they got their taste for favorite foods back after the baby was born.

Faith said...

oh no, not pancakes! i hope that i won't loose my love for ice cream ... because then i would truly be devasted!!

Bravoe Runway said...

Too bad I don't live hear you because I'd eat the pancakes for you. You'll regain the taste for it once the baby arrives.

Lauren said...

i don't really remember losing my taste for something...mainly because I was instructed to seriously watch my diet in the later months!

Hope your desire for pancakes comes back...Mrs. Rice just don't have the same ring to it! ha!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I think watermelon makes a respectable breakfast.

I haven't been prego yet, so I can't speak for cravings.


Kirsten Wiemer said...

that picture of pancakes just made me starving. i think you will still like pancakes after baby is born and i'm sure baby pancakes will love them too!


Dana said...

I did not want to eat or smell eggs. I developed a craving for pepperoni and swiss cheese. Your picture is making me want some breakfast.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

There aren't many foods I like right now. I was not a picky eater before pregnancy, but since I am SUCH a picky eater. I HATE the smell of garlic, which you wouldn't think was that big of a deal, but it is in everything Italian. I used to LOVE coffee, but now I hate the smell and thought of it. I hope I will love it again one day. For the first 16 weeks if it wasn't covered in sugar then I couldn't eat it. It has been painful to make myself eat. I still want sugar, sugar, sugar! I feel like Will Ferrel in the elf! I am not looking forward to the glucose test :0)

toi said...

I lost my sweet tooth when i was pregnant, i wish i was pregnant again because i am letting myself going the bad eating habits

Kandi-STYLE said...

Awww no pancakes, smh. :-) Before I was pregnant I loved some Burger King but when I became pregnant I couldn't eat or stand the smell of it. My daughter will be 16 this year and I still have not eaten it.

Tia said...

I LOVE pancakes too! We are big pancake eaters in my family! When I was pregnant I had no desire for meat. At all. It grossed me out, so I was a pregnant vegetarian. While I was pregnant I ate so much watermelon that I'm pretty sure I could have grown one in addition to my baby girl. Your tastes for pancakes will come back!