Thursday, August 16, 2012

Would You Go a Year Without Mirrors?

Thanks everyone for playing along with the Wheel of Fortune puzzles.
Here are the answers:

S I __ N__ __ __RES
 __ __    
PETI __ __ __ __


Onto this morning's post...

I am thinking that some people know how to use 
their life experiences to make the most of their blog experiences.  
Combine the two and you could possibly have a book deal and be on TV.

Anyway i was watching 20/20 last night (all i do now is watch TV) 
and Kjerstin was on sharing her year long experiences with no mirrors.  
She went a year without looking at any mirrors.  
Even during her wedding day.  
She did this as a social experiment but also to protect her self-esteem.  
After all she dealt with body issues many years ago.

Needless to say, her experiences asks the question: 
Would you go a year without looking in the mirror?

 Personally i cannot because i am a little too clumsy and messy for my own good.
Plus i don't believe looking in the mirror alone causes self-esteem issues.
But kudos for Kjerstin for following through with something for a year!
We should all be committed!


Mimi said...

I don't consider myself vain but I do like to make sure what I am wearing transfers properly out of my head onto my body!

I agree I think mirrors can't be blamed for self esteem issues but while they are part of the problem if one feels they need not look in one then I totally understand. I couldn't do it!

CeCe said...

I agree-it's not the mirrors at the root of the problem. I'd be looking a hot mess if I didn't have a mirror and I really don't see the point in that.

Jenni said...

Good for her, I'm glad she got a life lesson that she needed out of that. I don't spend endless hours analyzing my body in front of mirrors. As the other ladies have said, my self esteem is deeply rooted with or without a mirror. However, I think I'll keep my mirror.

kyna... said...

I don't think I could do it (and I don't think I am a vain person). I think I am more of a self conscious person so I would be really self conscious about what I might or might not look like that day if I didn't have a mirror. I can't imagine going a whole year! Holy cow!
♥ Kyna

Sara said...

I agree with you & several of the other comments- I don't find a mirror to be the confirmation or detriment to my self-esteem. They are a tool to getca out the door with your buttons in a row & your teeth spinach-free.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I don't really think that mirrors are the problem. Maybe go a year without shopping/watching tv/listening to the radio/etc. Those are the things that can bring down your self esteem. All the skinny women everywhere acting like that's the only way you can be beautiful, ads for dieting and weight loss, etc. THOSE are the things that bring down someone's self esteem.


I defintiely could not. Not that I'm obsessed with looking in the mirror or anything but I need to look put together for my job in the beauty industry. Also I need to try out new makeup all the time so a mirror is a necessity. I have one on my desk in my office, in fact...

Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo