Friday, September 28, 2012

BabyLogues: Celebrating Month 1

Baby Pancakes, today we celebrate your Month 1 into this beautiful world!

So much has happened in your first month 
and we are forever grateful for God's mercies on your life.
The month has flown by but it feels like we've had you forever 
because you have become such a permanent part of our lives.  
And this has been true since we found out we were expecting you. 
 It's been a joy spending the last month with you.  
Sometimes we get giddy thinking about how lucky we are you are ours forever and always. 
 Everyday brings new adventurous in parenting you and we look forward to it.

We had your one month medical appointment today.  
You are doing so well BooBoo!
Here are some of your Month 1 highlights:

Weight: 10lbs, 6oz (you are growing by leaps and bounds)
Height: 22.5 inches (you have grown 2inches since birth)
Nickname: BooBoo, Little Bugger (that's Daddy's name for you), Baby Pancakes
You are Tuesday born which is awesome because in my Ghanaian culture...
you share a day of birth with my Dad.  
And your dad is also a Tuesday born which is fantastic.  
Looks Like: You are the perfect combination of your dad and I
Pacifier: No thank you!
Eating: Breast milk with formula as a supplement (Similac Advanced with Iron)
You are feeding On-Demand which is every two hours.
Sleeping: Crib but you prefer Mommy or Daddy's chest
You are not a only cry when you need something like food, diaper change or sleep!

Coming Home
You were in the NICU for three days and that was NOT part of the script.
You had some meconium (baby poop) in your lungs which apparently caused jaundice.
But then they found out you and Mommy's blood were incompatible 
and there was some transference during delivery which was not good 
so they had to transfer you (via helicopter) to another hospital. 
 As scary as that experience was, we came to the other side with you healthy.
You are our strong little man...such a fighter you are.  
And everyday i thank God for having His Angels with you at all times.

We love to cuddle you. 
Best Moment...cuddling in the bed with you! 
One of my favorite moments are when you are nursing, 
i just love to watch you.  When i don't hold you for a long period of time 
(because you are sleeping or with your dad) I miss you like crazy!
 I love seeing you sleeping on daddy's chest. It is your favorite place to sleep!

At the hospital you were bottle fed so initially i wasn't sure if you would do well on the breast. 
 For the first couple of weeks it was difficult and I would be discouraged but over the last week, 
you have been doing amazing.  You have latched and now we are both enjoying the experience.  
Sometimes you get overly excited and make the cutest sound when you can't latch properly.  
I laugh because the sound brings me pure joy.  You are probably NOT amused but i LOVE it!!!! 
 Daddy still gives you the bottle so you can have time with him. 
Oh and when you are eating..
you like to have one leg out and the other leg sitting on mommy's cute.  
And when the food is really getting have your hands in your hair!!

Oh sleeping...both your dad and i LOVE to sleep but since you've been home...
we realized we still LOVE to sleep!! But nowadays, we sacrifice sleep just so we can tend to you.  
The first week was great because you were waking up every three hours but as soon as you got used to being cuddled to DO. NOT. LIKE. SLEEPING. IN. YOUR. CRIB.  
You will do it but you cry and cry and that breaks my heart.  
We give you breaks (because i just can't listen to you cry for so long) and eventually you will fall asleep.  You love when i sing to you (I Love You is one of your favorites).  
We start the process around 7:30pm and by 10:00pm, you are sleeping.  
Your wake up time is 6am.  
You take lots and lots of naps throughout the day. 
You love your Winnie The Pooh Lounger! 
Although you are becoming more alert during the day which is nice
 because we can interact more during tummy time!

You've had MANY visitors over the past month.  
Your grandma (my mom) came and spend sometime with you 
and I think you loved it because she spoiled you...which was great.  
Both grandmas call to talk and ask about you everyday.  
Your grandfather (daddy's dad) comes to visit every Sunday and we all watch football together.  
Well you mostly sleep and eat while he is here BUT i think you will be more interactive with him this weekend when he comes to visit.
Your aunties and cousins have come by too.   
And this weekend, your big cousin from Canada is coming to visit.  
He is so excited to see you.  
Your great great granny who is 95years-old calls to check on you everyday!
 She can't wait to meet you.
The whole Church is excitedly awaiting your first day at Church 
and i cannot wait for you to go and meet everyone. You are so loved!!

Fun Facts
**You like to curl up your fingers....we joke around you are a boxer...and ready to box. 
 It is the cutest thing ever because you usually have a serious look to go with it as well.
**You are wearing still wearing newborn clothes and can fit (although loose) some 0-3clothes. 
 My favorite thing to see you wear are your white onesies, you are just the cutest thing in them.
**You don't really like tummy time but we do it.  You are most interested in the crawling part 
because you will move your legs.  But you do hold your head up really well which is great.  
**Your grandma gave you your first bath and that was fun.  You love having your hair washed.
**Speaking of hair, you have the nicest and curliest curls i have ever seen...
mommy loves to play with them.
**We've been out walking and you love this sleep or explore your surroundings.
**You are just so alert and smart...i get excited watching you grow
 and cannot wait to see you grow and develop and learn new things.
**You have the best folds ever...neck, legs and arms..

**Sometimes your mom and dad feel like NEWBIE parents 
and these are our adventures more than yours but i thought i would share anyway:
--Changing your diaper for the first time in was really stressful for me.  But we got it done.
--Giving you a bath for the first time...glad you are so patient with me.
--Putting your car seat in the car for the first took forever!
--Putting your stroller into Daddy's took us awhile to fold it.
--Plus we are thinking we need an SUV/Bigger car someday soon...
you come with a lot of stuff OR is it that we have too much stuff??
--Putting a long sleeve shirt on makes these baby clothes? 
(thank goodness for the zipper footed look so cute in them)

Looking Ahead:
To your first smile...although i thought you smiled at me a few days ago.
You enjoying Tummy Time.
Sleeping in your crib without a cry-fest!
Attending Church.
Using Cloth Diapers.
Continual growth and development in every single way!
Mommy to worry less.


All in all, we are having so much fun with you!
We look forward to every single second with you
Your Month 1 has been such a blessing! 


Kirsten Wiemer said...

oh my, so completely adorable.
hope baby pancakes is feeling good and healthy!


kyna... said...

Awe hon, this was such a heart warming post! I am so happy for you guys! He sounds AMAZING!!!! Savor every moment...seriously, every moment, because it goes so fast (I bet you've heard that a million times huh?).
♥ Kyna

A Haute Mommy said...

Reading this gets me even more excited for the arrival of my baby. Looks like a great first month for the pancakes family. Can't wait to hear more.

Kish said...

Oh my goodness...this post warmed my heart as I devoured every word of your new ADVENTURE into mommyhood! Little Pancakes' curls are truly scrumptious and he sounds lovely. This may be a bit biased, but little boys are the best! Congratulations!

Kish said...

Oh my goodness...this post warmed my heart as I devoured every word of your new ADVENTURE into mommyhood! Little Pancakes' curls are truly scrumptious and he sounds lovely. This may be a bit biased, but little boys are the best! Congratulations!

Nylse said...

This is so nice...enjoy every moment of it, because they really do grow fast and you change also..
now i don't know about worrying less..once you get the hang of one thing there's something else..
but you learn to pray more, because worrying is counterproductive and you gain an understanding of God as our heavenly father.

Janna Renee said...

OMG! A month already? Look at all of that hair!

Mrs in Training said...

Happy one month! Lovvve those sweet curls!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Happy one month!!! Such a sweet post! :)

Pegster said...

Awww this is so sweet. Happy one month baby pancakes. I love that pic of the two of you, your smile says it all. Keep documenting these beautiful moments, I have totally enjoyed reading this.

Aleta said...

I loved reading this post! So many beautiful moments that you shared. Happy 1 month!

Janelle B. said...

AWWWWW!!! Happy 1 month!! I have been MIA, I was without a computer forever! I am glad to see that ya'll seem to be doing well!

Harlem Lovebirds said...

Just getting back from Blogalicious and catching up on my Google Reader! What an adventurous first month Baby Pancakes had. Your family has awesome longevity - so cool he got to meet his great-great grandmother!

YUMMommy said...

It's hard to believe that it's been a month already. It sounds like Baby Pancakes is making great strides!

toi said...

This is such a lovely thorough update. He is such adorable :)

ruthy ann said...

so happy to hear your sweet baby is doing well! beautiful post!