Monday, November 26, 2012

Mommylogues: Date Nights & Babies

Welcome to another week...
last week of the month and then December...
say did that happen?

Anywho...while I am trying to figure out how November is almost over...
let's move onto today's post...

BBP--Before Baby Pancakes, we enjoyed date nights.
Getting dressed in cute outfit, sexy heels and make up.
Mr. Pancakes in a nice crisp shirt, jeans and handsome shoes.
Going to our favorite restaurant, bar, or participating in an activity like the movies or bowling.
There were always lots of laughter, winks, caresses and hand holding.  
Date nights were always great and reminded us of when we started dating...

We talked BBP how we couldn't wait to incorporate Baby Pancakes into our activities.  
Which will be easy when he is older to come to the restaurant, movies and bowling with us...
but now that he is still a baby...can he do some of these activities with us?
We've ventured out to a restaurant...
nothing fancy but we managed to do well with minimal crying, 
little feeding and lots and lots of sleeping.  
That worked out great.

Aside from the one restaurant outing...we haven't ventured out to another.
Which brings me to this post...
is it okay to incorporate baby into date night?
I know what you are thinking...
Honestly I am just NOT ready to have a stranger look after my baby.  
And aside from my MOM i don't know
if i am ready to have another family member look after him. 
 I feel like he is still so tiny and needs me.  
I know, I know...he will be fine...
but I am just not ready.  
And sadly my mother does not live close by.
So we are left to wonder about our alternatives.

Taking Baby Pancakes to a fancy restaurant again should be alright 
because we can always entertain him with food, toys, baby talk and the lights.   
But is it alright to take Baby Pancakes along to our favorite bar or to see a movie?
The bar thing most likely NOT because there is just too much noise.
But how about the movie theaters??
There are so many good movies out right now...
Flight, Argo, Silver Linings Playbook...
I am dying to go see one or all of these movies!!!!

So the question I have for you all is this:
Is it alright to take a baby on a movie date night?

Some things to consider prior to answering this question:
We would go to a matinee...less people in the theatre.
We would sit in the back so there is less distraction to other viewers.
I would potentially breastfeed if need be to keep him occupied.

Help...i would love your opinions, ideas, suggestions!!!!

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Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

My date nights have long disappeared and I actually have a post coming up on it...I too only trust my kids with my mom and thanksfully she lives close by, but she has her own life :) We barely get to the movies and once in a blue we will take the kids to a restaurant...good luck to you I hope you will find a better solution than me, and when you do, please share!! haha

Cece said...

I say it's okay to take him...but just know that one of you might not see ALL the movie because the minute he fuss's you'd have to go outside. People don't appreciate having their movie going experience interrupted by cell phones or anything else. For the most part I'd imagine date night is not happening too often until baby is ready.

Alicia said...

I've been there before. We all have. It's hard at first to want to leave your child with someone else. Trust me. You'll feel differently soon enough when you feel as though you *need* to have an afternoon or an evening to yourself.

Heather said...

I say do whatever works for you! As long as you're respectful to other patrons by stepping out if he starts crying, I don't see a problem at all.

Monique said...

I agree with these ladies, I think it'll be trial and error. My sister took my nephew to the movies as a baby and he slept the entire time. You just have to be prepared to not have the movie watching experience you once had in the past if you have to leave due to crying.

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

Date nights are important, especially just the two of you. But in the beginning when baby is so little it's understandable that you have mixed feelings about leaving him w/ a babysitter. There are movies that have showings for parents with babies (we had crybaby matinees at one theater). You can also go on picnics with baby and nature walks until you are comfortable with a babysitter.

Nylse said...

I wouldnt and didnt. I dont like babies at the theater - invariably they cry just before that nipple gets in the mouth.

Wait a while, do something else or find someone you can trust.

Sophia Chang said...

Exactly what Cece said lol.

My friends are a couple who love to social dance - they danced internationally and at competitions. When they had their first son, they would bring him as a baby to the dances and let him sleep in the corner while they were on the dance floor. lol

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

My husband keeps reminding me of how a baby will change our lives and our lifestyle but I keep saying I'm going to try to maintain as much of it as I can! I think you guys have worked out a good system!

Sunny said...

I think if you are really concerned about disturbing others you should go to the matinee of an old movie first. That way you are almost guaranteed no one will be there. Plus you will get a better gauge of how your baby will react. As I say this I am reminded that movies are usually very loud, something else to think about.