Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mommylogues: Adult Parenting...

I feel like with the elections over...we can all resume our normally scheduled posts.
So here is Team Pancakes returning to normal blog posting!!!
Happy Thursday!!!!
Onto today's topic...

Whenever i thought about motherhood before motherhood...
i thought about hugs and kisses and more hugs and kisses.  
But actual motherhood is so much more than that.  
Aside from the hugs and kisses and the cuddles
 and the smiles and the cuteness and adorableness that is my baby...
he is also a 
live breathing thinking personality 
developing physical human being that requires love, 
care, nurturing and responsible/adult parenting.  
And what i mean by that goes beyond food, clothing, shelter, etc.  

Wikipedia describes parenting in the following manner:
the process of promoting and supporting the
of a child from infancy to adulthood

I am in agreement with Wikipedia's definition 
that as parents we SHOULD take care of our child's physical and intellectual well being.  
However, adult parenting, I believe, comes in when we are taking care 
of our child's emotional and social well being by addressing some specific areas in our lives.

Areas in our lives include but are not limited to the following:

Our Health
taking care of ourselves physically so that we are healthy 
and able to live a well balanced life.  If this is through exercising, 
eating well balanced meals, refraining from smoking or drinking in excess.  
Whatever we have to do to add to our health, we should be on it.

having your finances in order is a must.  
Pay off debt and try NOT to get into more debt.  
Save, save, save as much and as often as you can.  
A baby does not need a bigger house/car...
(unless it's a necessity)
if anything baby needs to be closer to their parent.  

Support System
it's not everyone in your life that you would allow near your child.  
We all have some friends and or family members
 who are not a good influence for us, let alone our children.
  It's important to have a support system that is actually going to be supportive and not negative. 
 It's really alright to say goodbye to "Crazy Uncle Fred".

having HEALTH and LIFE insurance is definitely a must.  
Having these two should protect your child present and future.  
I never thought about life insurance until Baby Pancakes came 
and we realized we want nothing but the best for him even when we are not here!

Being a SuzeOrman fan Team Pancakes is used to hearing her advise people
 to get a will/trust written up because it allows families
to deal with people's affairs after death in a peaceful manner.
I am NEVER one to think about mortality however it happens
and we want to make sure Baby Pancakes is taken care of at all times
and what better way to do this than by creating a will/trust.

These are all of course NOT inclusive...
but definitely important to ensuring that your family 
and children are taken care of.  It's not always all about hugs and cuddles...
it's about planning for the future too!!!

Question of the Day:
Do you believe in adult parenting?
Do you any of these things in place for your family?



Bravoe Runway said...

These are all interesting points to bring up once you have a baby of your own! I have never tried hunter in Chicago, I prefer to buy quilted nylon boots that are easy to clean and with good traction

kita said...

I had insurance for my kids I let them lapse because I could not afford it anymore I need to get that back soon. I think I can do the baby's now let me make that call. Thanks for reminder

Mrs. H said...

All great points that I think I have covered. Except for the Will. Hubs has a will and actually just said to me a few nights ago I need to sit with our attorney and make one before the baby is born. Great post today!

A Haute Mommy said...

This is a great post. It takes a lot to raise children and most people don't thing about it. Their well being is most important.

Aleta said...

I've already looked into the insurance coverage for when our son is born and the forms we will need to figure out.

Finances, it's coming along. If we didn't need a new heater and ac unit inside and out, we'd be doing great, but that puts a huge crimp in our finances. We're trying to save to pay for it, rather than finance it.... praying we're able to pay for it via saving.

I've thought about the who in the family/friends I wouldn't want to influence our son or subject our son to and yes, there are people that fall into this category... one in particular that I have already started to distance myself from, because of the cruelty of people..

This Cookn' Mom said...

Amen. The kids are the most important. Kids sure don't need that mega house or that fancy car, they need to know and feel that they have a loving home environment with parents who are devoted 100%.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I would kill for health insurance just for myself right now. Not to mention dental or life. Ugh.

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I think the concept of adult parenting is important and interesting. In a lot of Pacific countries parents 'invest' in their children and 'plan' for their childrens future but trying to provide them with the best education possible. There's a belief that if you have a good education, you'll be able to look after yourself. I have insurance but really my amazing education is the best thing my parents could have done for me xoxox

ruthy ann said...

these are the things that keep me up at night! still have to get a will done...

Mrs JK said...

Good points!

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

Its funny because I never cared one bit about life insurance until I had a baby, now that I have two...I want more and more insurance!! This is a great post thanks for sharing!