Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blown Away..

Good Day Friends...three more work days.
Yes nowadays I count down the days til the weekend...
sad but that's just where I am.
Now onto this morning's post...

Normally I am not a regular watcher of all the singing shows
 and then I found The Voice and have been hooked ever since. 
 So this year I decided to give XFactor another try...last year I think i stopped watching half way through.  
And for some reason it's easier to watch television when you are a breastfeeding mama! 
Especially when your baby is so enamored with nursing he is not even making eye contact!!

Anywho...this year I have been blown away by all the talent on The Voice and XFactor.  
And by talent I am not talking about Khloe's amazing hosting talents....
I love her but she needs to take a few courses to brush up on her hosting skills!
  Take notes from Carson and Mario!!
But I digress, the talent on these shows are blowing me away.  
I have always been fascinated with people with amazing singing voices
 because these are gifts from a higher power without a doubt.  
I can open my mouth to sing and the same sound doesn't come out. 
 If that's not God's doing then I don't know what is.

I can only wish someday Baby Pancakes' has a talent ordained by God 
because i think it's such a beautiful gift to have.

So here are some of the talents on the Voice and Xfactor that blows me away!!!

Trevin Hunte...he is just effortless in his singing! Amazing!

Carly Rose Sonenclar...how has this girl NOT been discovered yet.  
She is the cutest break of nature singer ever at 13years-old!

Tate Stevens...Tate Nation...I'm a member of his nation...
i just think he is so incredibly talented and I am not the biggest country music lover but I would buy his CD.

Nicholas David...how does he do it? Such a soulful singer!

5th Harmony...I am a believer and a fan! 
I know I am much older than them but I would buy their CD, 
purchase whatever they are hawking and take my niece to their concert...i truly would!

Question of the Day:
Are you watching the Voice or XFactor? 
And who is blowing you away with their talents?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I haven't watched either show lately, but I am amazed at how some people are so talented and young. I hope my kids have some great talent some day too!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

I love them both, I think I love Trevin because a) he was born in NY and b) he is from the caribbean sooooo we are practically brother and sister LOL! I love carly, sad that Diamond is gone, my toddler LOVED her!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I usually watch The Voice but with all the other shows on right now I'm not watching this season. I wish they would have kept it as a summer show!

Carlie said...

I used to love watching The Voice. I like the premise a lot more than American Idol. If only I had more time to watch it though!

Married...with a Pup said...

We love xfactor! And if Carly Rose does not win ill be shocked. Just like you I don't know how she hasn't been picked up! I'm a fan of 5th harmony as well.

Faith said...

I'm watching every weekend!! Are you watching the same episodes I am?

Carly Rose and Tate Stevens are incredible!! You will see because I have a feeling you might be a few episodes behind me ....

Teems said...

I am watching X Factor. Carly is my fave. Tate is great but I am in a young mood. With her voice she has a FULL career ahead of her. I am pleasantly surprised by the chemistry of 5th Harmony though.

toi said...

i watch both show and yes, you can call music talent show wizard...

i don't like the xfactor usa version so much as the british version because everything seems strained in the usa version

i don't like britney spears as judge, she looks like struggling on the show.

i like the voice usa version compare to the british one.