Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I've always thought Kate Middleton and I were kindred spirits 
of some sort only because we got married a week from each other.  

We are similar ages. 
 I think of myself as a princess most days, my husband would agree.  
Our hubbies share a birthday month.  
Our hubbies share the same age. 
 Our hubbies are strapping handsome men with similar names.  
Our hubbies are attentive to our needs.
And our hubbies are just plain awesome.

So I was pretty excited to hear that they were expecting.
But sad to know she is having a difficult pregnancy so early on.
I was blessed not to have morning sickness 
so I can't even begin to imagine what she is going through.
I can only pray for her speedy recovery and an awesome pregnancy.

One of the things I did every day (and still do now)
while carrying Baby Pancakes was to pray over him.
And today i am praying for Kate Middleton, her husband and her little one.

Question of the Day:
Who are you praying for today?


Travel_The_World said...

Such a nice post. I'll be praying for get add well as my sister in law who is also expecting.

Mrs JK said...

I'll will join you there. She is so lovely, I hope it all goes well for them.

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Wonderful post :)

Carlie said...

It is so exciting that she is having a baby! I hope she gets healthy quick. It's interesting to see how many similarities you have!

Heather said...

I just wrote a post about the "royal baby buzz" myself. I am so happy for them but feel tremendously sorry for the health issues she's facing right now. I'm not a religious or prayerful person, but I do keep others in my heart and thoughts always.

Aleta said...

I was happy to hear about her pregnancy too, but I didn't know she was having a difficult time with the pregnancy. I'll pray for her as well. I had morning sickness, but it wasn't uncontrollable and it did go away once I entered the second trimester..

Right now, I'm praying for a dear friend that I've known for 33 years. She's so close to obtaining her home, the first that she's ever tried to buy, but there are bumps along the way and she's stressing out. I pray that the act of sale on the house goes as scheduled and goes smoothly. She's a wonderful person with a heart of gold.

Mindy said...

Today, I am praying for Danny Berger. A basketball player at my alama mater who collapsed yesterday and had to be revived. He was life-flighted to a hospital nearby and remains in critical condition.

Laura said...

I'm very happy for them too and was married one month after they were...I do hope she has a safe and healthy pregnancy!

Alexa said...

I was so excited to hear her news too! I did not have morning sickness with Mila, but am praying that my current morning sickness goes away fast! ;)

Rakel said...

great post!

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

I hope the rest of her pregnancy goes well and that the paparazzi leaves her alone during this time!

YUMMommy said...

I don't know many people who think to pray for celebrities or famous people. I think that we often times don't think those people need an intercessory prayer sent up on their behalf but they do. I hope that she has a smoother pregnancy. There's so much stress being put on famous people now days.

These people are regular folks like us and just want to live their lives in peace.

Pegster said...

This news made me so excited, I called my hubby at work to tell him when I heard. I am hoping that she has a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Bring on an heir for the royal family :)