Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Influenster Holiday VoxBox

Thanks ladies for the feedback on Baby Pancake's potential shoes..
.he received them as Christmas gifts and I just wondered if it was appropriate for boys. 
 Anywho all your feedback was great...I will show some pictures when and if we put it on him...

I wanted to share some of my goodies from my first Infuenster box....
I wasn't sure what I was expecting but there were some interesting goodies.

The Oatmeal came in handy one morning as I was out of oatmeal so I tried it.
I am not a huge fan of the blueberries and raspberries but it was an interesting flavor of oatmeal.
Definitely ideal for Summer weather...I thought it was too sweet for me.

I have yet to use these two products. 
The brush I don't know if it's going to come in handy for my nappturals but I will have to try it.
But the nail dress would have been ideal for New Year's if I went out to a fun party!!

The lipgloss is so soft and goes on very easy.  
The energy boost I have yet to try it because I am not sure if it's good for nursing moms...
but I probably need it because i need some energy to participate in #ProjectMilf.

The Sole Society coupon I am trying to use which will come in handy 
because I need a new pair of shoes.

All in was an interesting box filled with items that has been fun to try.
I can't wait to see what's in the next box!!!
Thanks influenster for the goodies!!!


A Haute Mommy said...

Ive been hearing about influenster. I may need to try it.

Brenda Lee said...

I got that voxbox. My fav was the brush and the lipshine. I'm not much for flavored oatmeal and SoleSociety didn't have my size :( . I still have yet to try the nail thingys, but I'm waiting to grow mine out a bit more. I cut em back ever so often. Isn't Influenster fun?

LaNeshe said...

I'm wondering about the brush on my natural hair too, but I'll give it at least one try. I really liked the oatmeal, and I already used those energy boosts on occasion.

Quiana said...

I'm a bad Influenster! I forgot to give the brush a try today when I washed my hair and I've been telling myself I was going to. Oh well! I'll try next week. Liked the oatmeal though (mine was cherry and pistachio) I was pretty happy with the box!