Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Driving Quirks

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend...mine could have been better because i spent too much time working but that's life sometimes.  We managed to enjoy some of Monday as a family.

The other day I was thinking of my future internet property (aka: domain name) and I am still trying to figure it all out...including name, purpose of the blog, design and layout and so on and so forth....and one of the things i thought about was "how random I can be" and that will most likely be part of my blog hence this post.

I was thinking about my driving habits and quirks (the last couple of days I have driven many miles) and thought it would be fun to share them.

1.  I CANNOT drive without shoes.  I tried and driving is just impossible to me.  I don't know why it is but it just feels like you should wear shoes while driving.  Maybe if i had to do it....i could but it would take some getting used to.

2.  I can listen to talk radio over and over again.  I don't even think i listen to mainstream radio and i couldn't name a current song...sad but true.  But i could probably repeat the local news/traffic and sports back to you all day long.

3.  I do not drive behind any trucks with things attached to it and that includes trucks with cars, steel metal, with animals...anything that has the potential of falling out of the truck scares the heebeegeebees out of me.

4. I usually drive with my left hand on the wheel and right hand on my lap....for some reason i don't like driving with both hands unless i am trying to pass a truck (see above).

These are probably NOT that bad of driving quirks but i thought they were interesting and had to share them on my blog plus there is this series that i want to participate in about sharing things on this blog that will allow my child to get to know me more.

Now it's your turn....

Question of the Day:
What are some of your driving quirks?


Tia said...

OMGosh I also REFUSE to drive behind something that's got something else dangling from the back of it, LOL!! It also gets on my nerves when those types of vehicles don't stay in the right lane!!! Do not get in the fast lane with all that crap attached to the back of your car, LOL!

Sunshine - www.cancerinthecity.com said...

Those are some good ones! I drive with my left hand too.

Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

I love driving without my shoes on. It just feels so natural.:)

Okeoghene said...

It feels weird driving without shoes. I feel like there should be something separating my foot from the pedal. I drive with my right hand with my left on my lap.

Law_Fal said...

I hate driving next to big trucks and my shoes have been known to come off en route :)

Rose's Daughter said...

I drive without shoes. It's how my father taught me! LOL

G K said...

This pic of the old lady driving - HILARIOUS.

I don't notice anything out of the ordinary when I'm driving. I DO hate driving beside trucks. They're so scary and are always swerving! Ugh!

I don't like driving with heels on. If I'm going on a drive longer than 15 minutes or so, I'll bring extra shoes (flats) because heels just feel unsafe. :)

Mrs JK said...

I drive with my lights on, doesn't matter what time of day it is, and I don't drive in heels.