Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Randoms

1.  The weather is dreary and cold and just plain old nasty. 
 All i wanted to do today was crawl in bed and cuddle some more with Baby Pancakes. 
I want sun and sunshine, flowers and rainbows, warmth and comfort and everything cozy that summer brings.  But i don't have that so i dream and hope for this weather to pass and for summer to come.

2.  I am currently addicted to Candy's such an awesome and fun game.
  BUT the fact that i suck at it and keep failing the levels is not fun at all. 
Plus when my lives run out i have to wait for it to replenish since i refuse to purchase lives.
 Who came up with that idea....paying to become more addicted games online. 
Crazy i tell you.

3.  My Baby Pancakes has been taking steps. 
 One and two steps at a time and then he falls.  But little man is getting strength in his legs. 
 It's such an awesome thing to watch.  God is amazing in the way he does things. 

4. We had one of our friends come and visit this weekend from TN. 
And i always used to both Mr. Pancakes about finding other couples to be friends with. 
And i believe this couple is going to be that couple. 
You know the ones, both Mr. Pancakes and i get along with.  
The couple/family that we will take vacations with and plan fun activities with. 
 I am so glad they are who they are because it's so wonderful. 
 We are already planning our next family trip.

5. Mother's Day is coming up and I can't believe I will be part of that celebration this year.
  I can't wait until Baby Pancakes can make me fun and awesome drawings and colorings.
Those are the best kind of Mother's Day Gifts!!

6. And last but not least...Today is Monday and the Voice live shows begin. 
 So excited for the artists and that man below. 

Source: via The Voice on Pinterest


Law_Fal said...

Swoon for Adam Levine.

Faith said...

Seriously you had to put a picture of him and I forget everything I wanted to write.

Mrs.AOK said...

I second that! :)
Baby Pancakes will be drawing you pictures in no time, time truly flies. I'm sure you've heard that a couple 100 times but it is the TRUTH. Enjoy those first steps, those baby gurgles, that sweet baby smell :)

TOI said...

he is so cute... I mean Adam Levine :)

Quiana said...

Awww hooray for Baby Pancakes taking steps! A video will have to follow ;-)

Heather said...

The weather here has been very grey and dreary, too. I'm with you on waiting for summer to come!

Babydreams2011 said...

Girrrl, Candy Crush is the devil, LOL!!! I feel your pain I refuse to pay as well! And I haven't watched a single episode of the voice this season, I have been too busy :( I miss my Adam fix!!

Aleta said...

Your baby is already taking steps!!! How awesome!!

I can't wait to celebrate my first Mommy's Day too - so excited!!! Though we are expecting rain that day :(

I love the Voice too :)

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, I'm such a bad fan! I totally forgot the Voice went live last night! Sorry the weather has been bad :( It's gorgeous here today, and I rode into town with my convertible top down!

Dani @ said...

Oh my word. I love candy's a sickness adn I wish I never started playing. It's dreary and rainy here too on Weds.

YUMMommy said...

It's been mostly rainy and gloomy here too but I'm not complaining too much because it's keeping the pollen away. Glad to hear that you all have a found a couple that both you and Mr Pancakes like. It's great to have friends that you both get along with.

Hooray for Baby Pancakes taking his first steps!! Sounds like he'll be walking soon.