Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 10

Getting to Know Mom Series Day 10 is all about: Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Oh my goodness...there have been so many...but it would probably have to
 be one time i drank some tea which made my stomach feel funny....let's just say i am glad i found a bathroom close by and just in time....not a good feeling at all.    
Another embarrassing moment is when i insisted that i had been to
 a Wegman's before but i actually meant Walgreens and i didn't see the big deal.  
I was very insistent too.  Big difference since one store is a high end grocery store and another one is a regular CVS-type store.  I was embarrassed when it dawned on me that yup there was a difference. 

Lesson from Day 10 is: Don't be afraid to laugh at embarrassing's all part of life.


Tess said...

Hmm, I have too many embarassing moments to list!

Tia said...

Hahaha, our embarrassing moment was almost the same! :-)