Saturday, June 22, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 22

Getting to Know Mom Series Day 22: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

Oh how fun is this question....makes me feel like i can dream and imagine and plan where i want to be in the next fifteen years.  And also it will be good for me to keep myself accountable.


*Be debt free (hopefully this happens before December 2013)
*Celebrate you first birthday (okay short term goal)
*You are going to be in kindergarten (wow!!)
*You will hopefully have a brother/sister 
*I will have my clinical license and hopefully have a private counselling business
*Have my fitness training certificate of some kind (i have always wanted to be an aerobics instructor)
*Move to TN 
*Purchase our dream home
*Lose ALL the baby weight
*Travel to Africa, Europe and the Caribbean
*Run at least three more half marathons under 2hrs & 30mins.

*Have a successful private business
*Continue blogging (motivating and inspiring others)
*Being a Southern wife and mom (just happy as happy can be)
*Go to an exotic location for our 12th year anniversary
*Purchase brand new car for Mr. Pancakes for his 40th

*Go to the Hawaii with the girls for our 40th
*Own our own successful family business
*Be able to take vacations when we want
*Be successful wife, mother, 
*Be a happy basketball/football mom

That's it for now....Lesson for Day 22: Enjoy the years you are given because it passes by fast!!


Aleta said...

When you become an aerobics instructor maybe you can offer some online classes!

Pegster said...

I am loving your future plans, 5 years out, what up. I am going to be sad when you move down south but obviously it will be great for you and the fam so that's awesome.

I like that blogging will still be part of your life (or at least you anticipate so)

This is a pretty cool series, I am loving getting to know you better.