Monday, June 3, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 3

                                                  Good Monday Morning Friends....

 Day 3 of the Getting to Know Mom Series is all about Describe your relationship with your spouse, which is a fun one because the best example a child should see while growing up is that of his parents.

The relationship with my husband is one of mutual admiration, respect and love.  We are truly each other's best friends.  When we first started dating, I felt more alive than i had ever felt before.  Everything felt new and fresh.  You ask your father and he would say "it was refreshing."  That's how love is supposed to feel and be, refreshing and new.  I am so glad i didn't settle and I knew i deserved 
someone who loved me as fiercely and lovingly as your father does.  

We make each other want to become better versions of ourselves.  We laugh together a lot because both of us have a similar sense of humor.  We believe in the same God and pray together and individually.  We want the same things in life which is to grow old together happy.  We want to make sure you are well taken care of in every single way.  We love you more than life itself!! 

We love spending everyday life together...just being in each other's presence.  We make sure to have date nights every Friday at home, enjoying each other.  We talk a lot.  About life, you, our plans for the present and future, world events, sports, music and everything else.  We are definitely a team because where he lacks, i make up for.  And where i lack, he makes up for.  Life is better because he is part of it.  

The life lesson i want you to take from Day 3 is to find the love of your life that makes you feel alive and new and loved every. single. day. of. your. life.! And do not settle.


Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

Those are wonderful words of wisdom to pass on to your baby!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

LOVE this. Your relationship sounds so strong, and that's beautiful.

Tia said...

I love hearing about the love other couples have for each other! Prayer indeed keeps a couple together, love this!