Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

I am lying in bed on this glorious labor day morning as Mr. Pancakes is making us a pancake breakfast, of course i am smiling and thinking about the workout I need to do today to balance the eating of pancakes. Eating and exercise, it's definitely a give and take. But I digress because I wanted to reflect on labor day a little. I grew up in Canada so for me Labour Day and not Labor Day signified day before first day of school. The first day of school outfit, shoes,backpack with new school supplies, the binders and pens were always my favourite. Being excited about seeing friends that you hadn't seen for the entire summer, wanting to share all the exciting things you've been up to. Meeting your new teacher for the first time hoping it's not going to be mean one, seeing the classroom for the first time, which one of your friends is going to be in your class. Need I mention the first recess when it all felt real to be back in school, the laughter, the stories and gossip and just being with your favourite people at least for the first couple of days. The first assignment was always entitled:My Summer Vacation! If I had to write that assignment now, it would go something like this: This summer I worked a lot of hours. I went to North Carolina with Mr. Pancakes where he proposed with a beautiful ring and asked me to be his future Mrs. Pancakes. We started planning the wedding. I went to Rohobeth beach with my girls and pledged that we will always take trips together. My summer vacation was not really a vacation but it was filled with lots of fun and exciting moments! Those were the days! The day before labour is definitely more exciting for kids who are excited about returning to school. For me labour day now is about having an extra long weekend, relaxing with Mr. Pancakes and reminiscing about those good old first day of school excitement.

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