Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sabotage: Let's Get Physical!

I have been wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle for an extended amount of time. I cannot even say how long extended time is, but it's been a while. In the middle of my fitness boost one year, i even ran a 10K! My 10K has been my claim to fame for years now however it is getting old and it really is time to actually lead that healthy lifestyle.  It is not even because i am getting married and i want to look AMAZING in my gorgeous wedding dress, or that my whole family is waiting to see me look gorgeous in my wedding dress and or that Mr. Pancakes is a health/fitness man (he is former collegiate athlete and athletic), no, it is really none of these reasons.  The main reason i need to get, become and maintain a healthy lifestyle is because it is time!  Time to have a routine and schedule for and to my physical health (and other areas on my life which i am sure i will touch on at some point as i blog).  I am not even one of those individuals that is afraid of working out.  I enjoy the adrenaline, hurt, sweat and fulfillment of completing a grueling 30-minute high intensive boxing class.  I enjoy working out/exercising when i eventually get out to the gym and or tennis courts.  How then do i sabotage my ability and willingness to get physical? This question could be the beginning of a good therapy session however it is not as therapeutic as that! At least i don't believe it is.  The issues i struggle with has to do with my eating.  It is not that i don't know the type and portion of food i should eat, it's actually following through with doing this.  I love and crave carbs and so i eat what i crave and love.  However, i am beginning to realize having a healthy fitness lifestyle is all about BRAIN power.  What starts in the brain is what is produced and so with this philosophy, here is to refraining from Sabotage and get physical! I pledge to make healthy decisions every single second, minute, hour, days and months.  My fear is that i will sabotage my way all the way from pre-wedding to post-wedding.  So i have been working with a personal trainer from Athletes4Life Fitness Services (you can find them at and so far so good .  They have some good ideas and suggestions on their website and i wanted to share some of them as an inspiration to myself. 
      EATING TIPS      
 1. Don't be too hard on yourself 
2. Eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables
3. Get plenty of fiber in your meals
4. Breakfast is your most important meal
5. Eat 6 small meals daily
6. Get healthy fats from fish & nuts
7. Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily
8. Supplement your diet w/vitamins
9. Make changes gradually over time

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