Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making Friends...

I was reading another blog today and the writer was expressing how she has no mommy friends and i could so relate to her, not in the not having mommy friends but just not having wedding planning friends.  Planning a wedding is such a process and i guess now i know why the bees flock to the hive for support and comfort, however it would be nice to have another friend that was also getting married and or at least close to that process so we can bond.  Mr. Pancakes does not really want to hear me explain to him why we need a guest book that is not a regular guest book or why i want shoes that will add a splash of colour to my dress. I empathize with this writer because having something in common with someone else always makes me feel better and connected.  It helps me to feel understood and heard.  I wish for this other writer to find someone and or some other individuals that she has things in common wtih where they will be able to share ideas and thoughts.  The good thing i believe is that she is in the bloggin' world sharing her thoughts and ideas with others she has things in common with.  However, the bloggin' world can be deceiving because it opens up this very structured environment with others that do not disagree with you very much but rather are supportive and comforting.  But i feel that some people are able to build strong bonds and relationships via the bloggin' world! And this is a great thing because it can be difficult to build relationships in the outside world. 

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Redbabe said...

Hey Mrs Pancakes.... there are some bridal forum where u can find other brides to share experiences with. :) Shoes' talk, guest book talk... hehe.. everything about planning a wedding.

When I was planning our wedding, faced the same problem as you too. No one around that can help or give ideas. :( Thanks to the forum, planning was a breeze. Overhere in malaysia... we goes to :)