Saturday, September 18, 2010


This post saddens me a bit but it has to be written! I went bridesmaid shopping without any of the bridesmaids because most of them llive far away from me and the rest were working.  I ventured out because this was the best and right thing to do, my girls needed a dress.  The consultant did an amazing job of helping me chose four dresses that i felt were gorgeous and would fit all the different shapes and sizes that my girls have beautifully! So i was definitely excited to share it with the M.O.H because she is one of the closest people to me in terms of distance and space so it was important for me share the news with her.  I even scheduled an appointment for her on Monday morning for her to try on the dress.  Therefore, imagaine my dismay when i shared the news with her and she informed me she thought the dress was too expensive! Too expensive?! I don't know her full financial situation but i was tihnking that it was me, i would not mind spending money on a dress to wear to her wedding.  After all, my day is definnnitely not any ordinary day!  I was HIGHLY disappointed and a little saddened that she would say that because i thought if anyone, she would be the most excited person for me.  I know that my wedding should not be anybody's else financial woes but at least be excited for me! The dress is a bit pricey but it's not incredibly outrageous and i know money does not grow on trees!  And i mean the wedding is more than seven months away so definitely, my girls have time to save.  However, i digress but i was very SAD when she made that comment.  Did your girls have any comments (it might have even been reasonable but somewaht unexcepted) when you shared the specifics of their dresses? price and type?


jacin said...

i also had to look at dresses at first without the girls, because i live across the country from everyone. but then fate stepped in and i had to go home for a family funeral and i was actually able to spend some time with my girls towards the end of my trip home and we all went together. i chose lulakate ( and just went for 1 color, and then let the girls choose whatever design they liked best. this way they knew how much they were spending and they knew they loved it too! and they have tons of shops everywhere so the girls could go get fittings, etc.

good luck!

Sara said...

i have to say...bridesmaid dresses were one of the biggest stresses i had when I look back over the year of planning. i wanted to get some of the cuter styles you can find online but they wanted to try on before they ordered. (totally understandable I think) i wanted to go with a preppy chic dress style from jcrew but jcrew doesn't offer a size larger than a 16. I knew he and I weren't going to be able to pay for the dresses so my goal was to keep it under $150.00 (still can be A LOT for someone depending on their $/job situation) so we ended up going with David's- and while what we picked is perfectly nice, I *promise you* no one is ever, ever going to wear the dress again lol

I don't know how much the dresses you liked costs, but I would suggest listening to your M.O.H and validating her fears. Ask her how much she was expecting.. see if you can meet her nearby. If you can't find a dress you love (or can live with) in that price point, that maybe the dresses will need to become part of your wedding budget. Just because it's our dream wedding doesn't mean we want to make it a financial nightmare for our friends.

Miss Pancakes said...

Thanks ladies. I guess i was thinking that as M.O.H, she would be alright with whatever suggestion i came up with. But i am more than willing to come up with other alternatives, price wise!

YUMMama said...

I have discussed my bridemaids and MOHs financial situations already so that I won't fall in love with dresses they can't afford. I understand that the economy is in a slump still and they all have families they are working hard to support. So, might I recommend that before you fall in love with another bridesmaid dress taht you ask each of your bridesmaid what they can afford on a dress.

Like you said you don't her financial situation, but maybe you should as there will be other things they'll have to pay for like shoes, accessories and/or hair and makeup later on. You wouldn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable about not being able to afford anything in regards to their duty in your wedding.