Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Traveling Pancakes!

!!!!  This is quite a cute story  !!!!

Before Mr. Pancakes and i started dating, i was a huge traveler, always going somewhere, doing something, having a blast with my girls and family.  I had actually come from a trip to Africa when i met Mr. Pancakes.  Therefore, it was very dismaying to realize that Mr. Pancakes did not have a passport.  I almost started judging him when i realized he did not have a passport...i was like how is that possible? How can one not have a passport? Big traveling snob, huh? Anyway over our almost three years together, i have asked him to get a passport and he has put it off.  Recently we talked about going to Canada and of course since they changed their rules and regulations, one needs a passport to cross their border.  And TONIGHT when i came home, he told me to close my eyes.  Of course, i thought it was a surprise for me! Anyway, i closed my eyes and he put something in it and told me to open my eyes which i did! And there it was, his passport! I was so excited, i felt like he proposed all over again.  My man has come into his own and now has the ability to travel the world whenever he wants, with me of course by his side.  We are definitely ready now to talk about the honeymoon! I am so excited fellow bloggin' buddies because this has been a LOOOOOOOOOONG time coming.  But they say, men do things on their own time and i am glad his time has finally come!  It was definitely worth the wait! 
Now we just gotta save up for those airlines tickets that will make the passport all the more worthwhile.  But his first traveling stamp is definitely going to be from CANADA!   

Have there been things you have asked hubby, fiance and or boyfriend to do that took a long time and when it was finally done, it was worth the wait?


Mrs T said...

My bestie Miss P doesn't have a passport either and I think she is just crazy. There is so much world out there to see!

P.s. Thanks for following my blog. Hopefully you'll come over and comment and we can be blog buddies!

MsBabyPlan said...

I am so happy he have to share his first passport with you and only. I am sure he will enjoy travelling the world next to you :).

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a nice gesture from MrP. My hubby used to ask me what gift I wanted for special occasions and it used to drive me crazy. I wanted him to listen in our daily conversations, notice the things that I collected or things that I failed to buy for myself and make an educated guess. It took him a few years, but now, he's an excellent gift giver.

Jessica said...

What a great story. I just happened upon your blog by clicking on a link from another blog and I am having a great time getting to know you. I started back at the beginning, so I have a long way to go, but I am really enjoying your fun story telling.