Wednesday, September 29, 2010


When Mr. Pancakes and i first started dating, it was long distance and since trust is never well established in the beginning, i didn't always believe everything he told me he was doing.  Goodness, i am glad those days are long gone! Anyway, on most Sundays, Mr. Pancakes would tell me that he was visiting with his grandmother.  He would tell me this over and over.  And as our relationship grew and we continued to learn more about each other, i found out that both of his grandmothers had passed.  Therefore, the fact that he was visiting his grandmother was very suspect! 
Needless to say, i came to find out that it was a lady from his church that he had adopted as his grandmother.  A grandmother that he can sit with talk sports and laugh with.  Even more suspect right! Eventually, i moved to the same state as him and i finally met Granny.  Mr. Pancakes was not kidding, she is as quick witted, funny, smart and interesting as anyone i had ever met.  And since my own Granny lives far far away, i adopted Granny as my own too.  
She is independent where she makes her own meals even when you are trying to help, enjoys a good basketball/women tennis game; he has beat cancer, has had a heart attack, wears a pacemaker, continues to pay her own bills, has lost a son to the vietnam war and will tell you that she is too blessed to be depressed! Might i also add that she uses a cell phone and can tell a dirty joke! I am paying tribute to Granny because of all the qualities she possess but also because Granny should be more Great Granny as her date of birth is 6/6/16.  I mean the lady is 94 years-old and hardly do i hear her complain about her ailments.  Her dedication to maintain her independence is beyond anything i have ever seen.  
Mr. Pancakes and i have Sunday Dinners at her house and she will insist she does the cooking (sometimes).  Spending time with her has strenghtened Mr. Pancakes and i's relationship to the tenth degree as she has taught us so much about being in a relationship, marriage, having a relationship with God and raising children.  She encourages us to work together as a team and have respect for each other.  Knowing Granny has allowed me to think that we never know how many years God will bless us with however we need to live life purposefully.  
Living purposefully on many levels includes physical, emotional, spiritual and financial.  Many times when you hear about the elderly, there are concerns with their financial state and because Granny has lived purposefully, she continues to be financially stable and strong.  Also because she is spiritual, Granny  continues to experience something bigger than herself which has helped her to have perspective in her life.  Being emotionally strong allows her to not complain about all her ailments (of which she has many).  Which leads to her ability to be strong physically because she is not emotionally stressed and overwhelmed.  I can only wish God to bless me with as many years as he continues to bless Granny.  Of course she always says i only want to be 100years-old if i am "coherent enough to know why i am blowing out candles."
She is currently at the hospital and continues to say "i want to be able to be there to see you and (Mr. Pancakes) get married."  I smile at her and in my hearts of hearts pray to God that Granny will be able to attend our 4/23 wedding.  I pay TRIBUTE to Granny on this TUESDAY because of who she is and also because of how she has influenced my life and my relationship with Mr. Pancakes.  
I am forever indebted to her and i hope to say this to her during our wedding reception!


Redbabe said...

Thanks for sharing with us about Granny. She should be an inspiration to many who failed to count their blessing :)

Mrs. K said...

This is too sweet. I am so glad that you and your future hubby love and cherish Granny that much. Unfortunately people nowadays don't respect the elderly and value their wisdom. They are often treated like children--to be seen and not heard. This frustrates me because I love "old" people. Most of them are hilarious and can enrich our lives if we allow them :) I'll be praying that your Granny makes it to your wedding (which btw that date is my Granny's birthday).