Friday, September 3, 2010

Why Blog?

Aside from reflecting on becoming a wife, there are also many things that Mr. Pancakes and i have been dreaming about what we want for our lives in the coming future! As a result, his blog is my ramblings about starting the new phase of our lives. In my thirties, i am hoping to do it all: (not by myself but with some assistance from a higher power and Mr. Pancakes).  The doing it all is as follows:
1) tying the knot
2) being debt free
3) finding a nest
4) establishing a family business 
5) getting the bump 
6) enjoying my husband and family
Of course it is always good to put hopes and dreams out there and hope with some encouragement and good wishes from the universe, everything goes well.  When Mr. Pancakes and i first started dating, we would always talk about putting GOOD vibes out there in the universe with the hope that the GOOD vibes return.  And i can definitely say that it has come.  Dumdumdadum....Here comes the bride!

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