Sunday, November 28, 2010


This bride (from cake-layers) had her bridesmaids hold balloons down the aisle!
I love, love, love the balloons and how beautiful they look with the bridesmaids dresses.
It is just whimsical and fun! I want balloons at my wedding because i think it will be fun but unfortunately i am not having an outdoor wedding.
Even before i saw this picture...i wanted to walk in the midst of balloons toward Mr. Pancakes!
Cheesy i know but i loved the idea! Maybe it won't happen because i am having a church wedding but i will I continue to dream about walking tdown he aisle in a beautiful cascade of blue and yellow balloons!
Would anyone out there think of doing this? Or do you know someone that has done this!


D. Marie said...

What a fun idea! I never get tired of seeing balloons in weddings or engagement shoots! the back of the bridesmaid dress! :)

Anonymous said...
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