Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moving Yet Again!

Happy December. I cannot believe that the year is almost about to end...well in 27 days! But more reflection on what a fantastic year this has been and continues to be! Mr. Pancakes and i moved this weekend! And the reason this mini post is entitled with yet again is because since I met Mr. Pancakes, I have moved several times. Maybe over six times in the last three years. Too many addresses, the IRS is probably wondering what i'm running from. Since moving in together and becoming engaged, Mr. Pancakes and i have already moved twice in less than six months. And although I have informed Mr. Pancakes that this will be our last move until we move to our home which will be where we grow old and raise children! I hate moving but somehow I am always moving. For me being stable and having some stability has never been related to a certain home and or apartment. Stability has always been knowing that my family loves me an are around and that my friends will always be there! Since meeting Mr. Pancakes I have wanted to set some permanent roots somewhere and I am hoping that this move will begin our setting of permanent roots together as the future Pancakes! Mr. Pancakes did fantastic job moving all our items: big and small because I was working most of the last few weeks. Cable is coming tomorrow just in time for football and brideszilla! Moving now will also help me focus on wedding prep which is in less than 140 days! Wow! Soon I marry Mr. Pancakes and officially become his Mrs. Pancakes. Here is to Team Pancakes moving ahead not only in apartments but also in our lives and growing old together!


YUMMama said...

Wow six times in three years!! That means you moved every three months. Well, hopefully, you all will find your forever home to grow old in and raise your future kids. I know houw frustrating moving can be and there's nothing like a little stability in your home life to help promote stability in the other areas of your life.

Mrs. K said...

I agree with and like your statement about "stability not being related to where you live." I moved quite a lot when I was in college but I think you guys beat me. LOL. Good luck with getting settled in :)