Sunday, December 12, 2010

LongLazySunday: Rainy Days

I know a lot of you out there (in the mid-east i think; my geography is terrible, i am a Canadian in America) are under terrible weather! 
On our end, it is rainy and i feel like singing: Rain Rain Go Away, Come Back Another Day!
But it is not going anywhere and it is better rain than snow and or something terrible!

Went to church early today because i was ushering. I am making progress with being on-time for charge.
That's definitely going to be on my new year's resolution.

My eyes are still burning from getting up early. I am not a morning person at all!

I have Mr. Pancakes' hoodie on all cozy and warm, trying to get comfortable in this weather.

I am supposed to be dropping off my brother at the airport but he is nowhere to be seen and i am ready to get comfortable on the couch.  Catch some episodes of Brideszilla and Football!

Mr. Pancakes is visiting with his dad for Sunday Football so i will watching mostly the wedding shows!

I will also try and workout sometime tonight!

Wherever you's to a longlazysunday...whether rainy, snowy and or sunny!

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