Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Honey and I will be Mooning...

Initially i was thinking an all-inclusive resorts somewhere in the Caribbean as Mr. Pancakes and i have never done this before.  But then the idea of all those people around us all the time was not as romantic idea as i wanted it to be.

 I have always wanted to go to Los Cabos, Mexico however with all the uncertainties going on with the drug cartel and killings of FBI agents, this was definitely out.  A lot of instability right now as Mr. Pancakes put it.  Therefore, i have to put my dream of Los Cabos on hold until another time.

Then i thought about the Bahamas because i have a college friend who lives there.  During my search online, i came across this amazing resort on an exclusive island in the Bahamas! I mean it was just gorgeous. It was basically an island, with secluded cabins that allowed you to enjoy each other without any distractions except for when you go into the main house.  The idea of being on a secluded island somewhere in the Bahamas was heaven to me.  However this was also WAY out of our honeymoon budget but Mr. Pancakes has promised to take me there before our tenth anniversary and i can wait for that.  I was sooooo sold on this idea! Check out sounds like an amazing experience! (
Then i cam across Barbados, what i know of this island is that it is small and very pretty as the picture shows.  Going to Barbados and staying in a secluded hotel will help us enjoy each other's company and also take it easy on the island of Barbados...can't you just hear the commercial lady's accent!
                                      Less than thirty days my honey and i will be mooning in Barbados



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Mrs. K said...

Oh wow, looks like paradise. Have an awesome time.

Alida said...

sounds wonderful!! I know you will enjoy your honeymoon no matter where it is :-)

Redbabe said...

wow...must be exciting yeah counting down to it :) Hope u guys have a great time there!