Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Most Important Person on our Wedding Day!

During the wedding process which is coming to an joy...I have pretty much controlled the whole planning with some limited support from Mr. Pancakes. I admit I am a control freak over some aspects of my life and it has translated into the wedding planning. The nature of my control freaking has been productive because it has allowed me to put many things together in advance. I've been able to arrange many deals with most of my vendors.  Which i believe will turn into an amazing wedding for less than the price.
However as the day approaches the thought of how am I going to control the wedding day comes to mind. How will I make sure everyone is walking down the aisle appropriately and ensure that the day turns out the way i want it to.  With this thought in mind, i have decided that i need another person that will act in my place.  Since i want my wedding to be amazing, i will allow the Coordinator to be the The Most Important Person on Our Wedding Day!
She will act as my eyes and ears during the day ensuring that everything is moving along the way it is supposed to.  She will be my hands to make sure everything is in place.  And my pulse to ensure that the day goes amazingly well.  The person i chose i know will ensure that my day goes on without a hitch! I know she will organize everyone and make sure everything runs smoothly.  I know she will have Mr. Pancakes and I's best interest at heart.
Did you have a wedding coordinator for your wedding day?


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

If and when I ever get married, I would definitely get a wedding planner because on that important day all your worries become their worries and you can relax!

Redbabe said...

you are right! a wedding coordinator is a must have! you can't be making sure everything moving on smoothly while u are walking down the aisle right? :) get a good friend or somebody you know is capable of doing it. :)

Mrs. K said...

I did not have a wedding coordinator but I had wedding leaders that had specific responsibilities but my aunt was the overall leader. I also typed out a 12 page document that circulated before and on the day of the wedding detailing exactly how I wanted things done. I didn't really have to say or do much on the day of the wedding. My cell phone barely rang. They knew to refer back to the document. I know that's very type A but our wedding day was stress free :) (for the most part)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

i didnt have a wedding coordinator, but did everything myself and my bridesmaids/groomsmen. i basically told them what i wanted. and you know what? there were very few things that didn't go as planned, but it was still the best day of my life. i let go of the baby crying during our vows and a bridesmaid that decided to hang out with her boyfriend, instead of go to my photo shoot! it really just doesn't matter after the fact!

best of luck!

toi said...

I don't know what is the role of a wedding coordinator... now I didn't have one :).

Anonymous said...

I am a an event planner, so I totally advocate having someone (official coordinator or annointed friend/cousin/godsister) be in charge. The last thing a bride needs to worried about is a problem in the parking lot, flood in the bathroom or a caterer that runs out of ice. A colleague did this for me and I am forever grateful that I was STRESS FREE all day.