Thursday, May 26, 2011

I heart My So-Called Life!

I am reminiscing this thursday about My So-Called Life because sometimes it's just fun to reminsce about the good ol' times (on TVland)!

Remember when Jordan kissed Angela in the hallway and it was so exciting and then they walked hand in hand down the hallway (and the next couple of episodes Angela was cutting classes?!)Oh Jordan Catalano! I so wanted to be Angela, the angst of teenage life and the beautiful teenage guy band member who owned a red car and had dyslexia!

 i was never sure why they cancelled the show...i jsut remember it was too sudden and abrupt for my liking.  I believe like a lot of fans like myself there was no closure and i wish there was for my sake! Makes me wonder what Angela and Jordan are up to?

Did you watch Jordan and Angela?
Were you devastasted when it was no longer?


Frugalista said...

You bet I was devastated. I loved that show to pieces. A lot of folks were upset when it ended me included!!

YUMMommy said...

Heard of this show but never watched it.

Amber said...

Can't say that I've actually ever watched this! Cool blog, though :)

Faith said...

omg, i was soooo upset! absolutely loved this show ... they never explained why it was cancelled! so many people loved that show too so i don't understand why it was cancelled. we def. need closure!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

That was my favorite show! Still is! I need to get the season on DVD..
At least it's on Netflix now!

Tenecia said...

I remember squealing when Jordan kissed Angela....ahh...teen love :)

I'm still upset...however many years later...that there was never any closure!!


sm said...

never seen it
but your narration shows that the show must be good.

Melissa said...

It took me a while to find your comments section. I miss that show - it was a good one! Thanks for joining my Twitter hop at Mel Dreams Often.