Sunday, May 29, 2011

LongLazySunday: Public Service Announcement

I thought on this fine Longlazysunday I would give a public service announcement about bras! You see for many years I thought I was wearing the right bra. But during the wedding, I went for a bra fitting for my wedding gown and found a bra that fit me perfectly for the wedding day! This was an awakening because after the wedding I started looking at my bra sizes and realized they were all different.

So I made my way to Vicky's Secrets since I wanted to cover my secrets( I've always wanted to write that). The cute little girl measured me with her little bra measuring tape and told me I was 36C. Which totally excited me because I thought "ok now I know my bra size, I will forever be covered and supported!". I went to the dressing room (I love their dressing rooms)and tried on various 36C's. Come to find out that the 36C's left a gap in between my "secrets" and my skin. The 36C did not provide me with the right coverage and or support! It was so disappointing.

There are many of us ladies walking around not feeling supported and or appropriately covered. I ended up leaving Vicki's empty-handed. A few days later I was speaking with a friend of mine and she told me how she went to a speciality bra store to get measured. You see my friend is well endowed and so I thought since I'm average-sized I should be ok at the generic lingerie shops but come to find out at the speciality bra store (a la mode) they have special sizes for "average secrets".

I made my appointment to a la mode and they measured me (professionally not like the girls at VC's with their measuring tape!). I then tried on many bras, types, sizes and brands. Come to find out I was a 32DD! And depending on the bra brand, I may be a 32F. I know I had no idea! These bras had the coverage and support I have been craving for. There was no gap in between my "secrets!".

Love the cartoon because it is soo true..many of us are different alphabets but we don't go get it checked out.

These speciality bra sizes are a little on the pricey end but ladies I tell you, it was the best purchase I ever made. Even Mr. Pancakes took a note of how "perky" they are. I can actually wear my bra without spillage.
The brands that are ideal for me include Fantasie and Chantelle.  Love them!

In all my years i haven't paid much attention to bras but i definitely am now and it's liberating.

PSA: it is imperative ladies to get a professional bra fitting. It will change how you wear your clothes and carry yourself! Speaking from experience:-)

Did you ever have this issues or have i just been oblivious to my "secrets"?

PS:  this is so helpful!


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Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I love that little bra how to at the bottom, it's kind of awesome.

Desiray said...

I wondered that for years myself, I think every woman goes through this wearing the wrong bra size, but when you look at what you given us I think we might just happen to wear two sizes depending on how the bra is cut and made. I know if the bra is to padded for me I take a bigger size if there is not padding then I am smaller. I for one don't like those push up bras they make me look to bigger in the front then I really am. Plus it makes me look bigger. Good information.

Cyn said...

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toi said...

Great post, I am wondering about bras and how my ladies will change will the process of the pregnancy. Yesterday I examined them and OMG they've grown!! But I am not worried about my pre-pregnancy bras because before getting pregnant I increased my bra size for good measure.I don't have gap between the ladies but maybe I've been wearing the wrong size. At the moment I don't need news bras but I would love to go for a prefessional bra measuring once baby is here just in case the size has changed.

Ramsey said...

This is far too much for me...thank goodness my bras are simple because I am sorely lacking in the ladies dept.

Mrs. Tuna said...

New follower, sadly even without being professional measured I know I where like a AAA

Miesha Roshawn said...

I wrote a post like this in February! I hadn't been properly fitted for a bra in forever and with my weight loss it was necessary! I went to Nordstrom for my fitting and was shocked when the rep told me 34 D lol! Like you I then realized that 34 D is a specialty size...hard to find! But I agree properly fitted bras are a MUST!