Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gay & Christian?

Initially, i debated whether this post is needed on my blog but then i decided, i talk about my life and things i find funny, silly, loving, interesting and thought provoking
whether it's political and or religious so why not. 
To the dismay of Mr. Pancakes, here goes.

I was watching Our America on OWN, hosted by Lisa Ling. 
It's a great show looking at the candid lives of regular Americas,
hence the name Our America

Anywho, we watched an episode entitled:
Pray the Gay Away? Can you be Christian and Gay?

The show, i believed, did an excellent job representing both sides of the question and allowing people to share their stories.  In the end, it was up to the viewers to make their own decisions.  And that's what i will like to do today.  Give you both sides of the argument and we can discuss and share in the conversation. Of course these arguments are my notes while i was watching the show.  Therefore, I would encourage you to go to the website for more information on the subject.

NO you cannot be Gay & Christian...

As a Christian, individuals are not defined by their sexuality. 
Homosexuality is wrong according to God & Bible. 
There are six passages in the Bible condeming homosexuality and any behaviors associated with it.
Individuals desires in conflict, desire for God or their personal desires--God should always win out.
There is a program called Exodus International,
established in 1976 that helps individuals pray gay out of them. 
President, Alan Chambers, is no longer gay & married with two adopted children 
They consider themselves ex-gay.
They believe God didn't make them gay
It may be part of them but being gay is NOT at the core
Some will accept a lifetime of celibacy than to be gay
If you believe and pray enough, you will not be gay.
The program, Exodus does not promise you will be straight,
it's a process an individual has to go through to put God first above and beyond everything.
According to God and the Word, one cannot be gay and Christian!

YES you can be Gay & Christian...

God loves you exactly as you are.
God did not create a defective individual because they identify as gay
Some people believe you cannot pray gay away although they've tried it for many years
There are the six passages in the Bible--but there are other passages that apply to God loving his people
The Naming Project is a ministry (providing summer camps)
 that allows young people to accept both sides of who they are-Gay and Christian
The Naming Project helps children to let go of all the hurtful feelings attached to their sexuality and accept themselves for who they are,  which is a Child of God! And God is LOVE.
A man who was part of the Exodus group says: homosexuality causes a split however once he accepted himself as a gay man and a devout Christian, he found a sense of peace.

Where does Team Pancakes stand on the issue:

We are Christians and believe what the Bible says. 
We try to live according to the gospel each and everyday.
Some days are harder than others. 
In the end of the day, whether you identify as gay or straight,
we are all fighting some kind of tempation. 
 It's how we make peace with God that is most important.
We are all trying to get the same place, peace of mind and heart.

Your Thoughts:

This post is not meant to deny anyone's decision to choose
 but rather to start a conversation and share our thoughts and opinions. 
We all have a right to our choice and decisions.

Please share in the conversation.
Which side are you on?
Is this topic too much for a newlywed blog?

But for more, visit OWN-Our America.


jacin {lovely little details} said...

my brother is gay and everyday i thank God that i have him in my life, and he is finally able to be free, happy, and proud to be himself. christian or not, that really doesn't matter to me. it's having a healthy, happy brother who i love dearly that is most important to me. he's gone through plenty of struggles through his life but seeing him finally "out" is the happiest i've ever seen him, and i could not be any more proud of him.

Nylse said...

I think you can be gay and christian and here's why:
we're all sinners, we all have our struggles; when we become Christians we are choosing to follow christ and live the way he would have us to live; we are new creatures yet we always struggle with our old nature; homosexuality may be your struggle. the evidence is in your life (by their fruit you shall know them) - i dont think you can be a practicing homosexual with no repentance on your part and call yourself a christian. in the same vein i dont think you can be a serial fornicator with no repentance and call yourself a christian. it has to do with the heart of a person - do you take pride in your sin or are you trying to bring it in to submission?

Ayodeji said...

I honestly think you can't be gay and Christian. Same way you cannot be a liar, an adulterer, or a murderer, a fornicator and be Christian. Why? Because it contradicts everything that the Word of God says. No single person is perfect and that is what the Word says. The Bible clearly asks, 'should we continue in sin that grace may abound?' and answers it with a clear 'no'. When you admit that you are a sinner in need of God's help, then it is easier for God to extend grace to you. It is written that the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost bears witness in heaven and agree in one. And if all Scripture is given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, how can we then pick and drop what we like from the Scriptures? To continually say that God made a person a particular way in direct contrast to what the Word says is to confuse issues and God Himself is clearly not the author of confusion.

Nevertheless, every man shall stand ALONE at the judgement throne of God. At that point, it won't matter what anyone thinks or believes. Let each man make his own peace with God. I usually tell my gay-friends (yes, I have them!), that it is not my business how you choose to live your life. In that same vein, what I think is no one's business but mine.

LaNeshe said...

I think can be Christian and be gay. Just as you can be Christian with any other type of sin. To be Christian, you believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. Being gay doesn't stop that belief. I do believe homosexuality is a sin, but since when are Christians only sinless people?

Great topic.

Heather said...

I have had this conversation with many in the religious community over the years and feel very strongly about the issue. I am a very strong gay rights advocate and honestly don't think the religious community's opinion, or anyone's, matters where someone else's sexuality is concerned. If someone told me that their faith condemned heterosexuality and that I was a "sinner" for loving the person I love and for being unable to "control" that, I would not appreciate it, to say the least. In my eyes, the Bible reflects the views of the time it was composed, which have since evolved. As far as I know, the Bible also contains instances of sexism, slavery, polygamy and more that we don't literally live by today. Therefore, I believe the religious community's views on homosexuality need to evolve, as well. And as for programs to "cure" someone's being gay, I believe they are offensive and wrong. Those who are now claiming to be "ex-gay" may have had tendencies toward both sexes or have simply repressed their true selves, which I certainly do not advocate. I hope our generation will continue to grow in love and acceptance, regardless of what religious leaders, politicians or anyone else might have to say.

Angela of "Grahangela" said...

This is a tough topic because it's very emotionally charged, on both sides. I'm Christian and try to live by Christ's teachings everyday. It can be very easy to focus on the one topic, homesexuality, and forget the biggest thing that Christ preached - LOVE. No one is perfect so therefore no one can judge another person's life and choices. We'll never truly know what another person is experiencing. I believe God and Jesus love everyone and, in showing my love for them, I should show my love to my fellow men. I should love others even if they do things I don't understand or agree with. That can be hard, but we are all children of God. When I remember that, it helps put things in perspective for me. No matter what a person has done, it's not up to me to judge or condemn. I have a firm testimony that God wants us to love and forgive. The burden of judgment is not ours to place on ourselves. That's God's job. And that is a blessing for us!

It's so good to talk about this in a respectful way. It's how we grow as people.

~ Angela

Nicole said...

I agree with Angela...I always keep in mind to love the sinner, not the sin.

TiAnna Mae said...

I believe that this is a topic that many people like to sugar coat. I didn't watch the entire episode, but I think it's sick to have a camp centered around kids expressing their sexuality. I personally don't want my child expressing any sexuality (heterosexual, gay, anything in between). A child is a child, and should be kept innocent until they come of age to discuss "the birds and the bees". Most of us will agree that sin is of the Devil, and just to accept anything from him is not of God. If you accept things/sins (including, but not limited to homosexuality) from the Devil willingly, you will not be accepted into His kingdom.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people should follow the Bible blindly. After all, it was written by humans and I'm sorry to say, probably full of mistakes and exaggeration. Even though I'm Buddhist, I don't believe God would encourage his people to discriminate and hate on someone else. We are all humans whether we are gay, straight, white, black, male, female, or shemale. Life is way to complex and fantastic to be so black and white and explained in a book. I think some Christians really should step back and look at themselves and figure out why they think they have a right to judge anyone.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting topic and controversial. I commend you for putting the conversation out there. It is your blog and you can write about whatever topics you desire. As a follower of your blog I have enjoyed the various topics you have posted.
As a christian I believe we all have sinned, and all of us can be put into some category that would define us as not christian at some point in our life.
And I will just leave it at that.

Christina said...

I believe that you can be a Christian and be gay. The bible does specifically reference homosexuality as it does lying, stealing, adultery as sins. We have all partaken in our own sins. I do believe that as a Christian, you will feel conviction about your sins, but we've all been there where we have tried to suppress these feelings of conviction...I think that is what a Christian living as a homosexual does. I also believe that you can love the person and not love their actions...isn't that what Christians are called to do?

Brown English Muffin said...

I don't believe god would turn away any man so I believe you can be gay and christian.

toi said...

Yes, one can be gay and be Christian, because no one should classify feeling emotion for someone as sin.

Our God is a loving God and he never wrote a book in which he cast away some of his children who have feelings for the same gender.

Anonymous said...

I suppose my answer is yes, but I don't actually like the question. The question seems to be slanted toward acknowledging that there is something wrong with being gay. I do not think it's a sin, nor I do I think it's a sin. I think that any Christian can use a million and one adjectives to describe oneself and being gay is simply one of them.

Rocker Chic said...

Wow Mrs. P you sure know how to make people talk and discuss maybe I should call you baby Oprah :)

Anonymous said...

If there were a person on death row, who was there because he killed another person. Or let's say 10 people. And just before he is put to death, he pleads for the Lords salvation, and asks for forgiveness for his sins... then he will be forgiven even though he committed those horrible acts. And he will join the Lord in heaven.
Thankfully we aren't the ones who have to give the final yay or nay on the subject. So we love everyone as equals. We can dislike the sin, but should always show love to the sinner.

Great topic...

Married...with a Pup said...

First, I can't believe I wasn't a follower already; but nonetheless, I'm officially your newest follower =) Second, I think you may have picked the hardest topic out there to talk about. Haha, just giving you a hard time. But seriously, I think it is awesome that you are putting the question out there. My answer is simple- I try not to judge anybody. So, therefore, I realize my beliefs are not everybody elses' beliefs. Everybody should do what makes them happy!

Monique said...

you always come up with such great topics for discussion. i haven't thought about this thoroughly enough to make any kind of well executed comment but i think that one can be both. i'm sure people identify themselves as both. whether they should or shouldn't is not up to me.

The Atypical Housewife said...

This is definitely one of those hot button topics, but you're brave for posting it on your blog!

I do not think you can be Christian and gay. All of us humans struggle with sin, and I think being gay is one of those sins. The bible is very clear that homosexuality is wrong, just like it says murder, fornication, and gluttony is wrong. This does not mean I hate gay people. It doesn't mean that I would avoid gay people. God said to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Ladies, thank you all for your thoughtfulness on the conversations..some topics are NOT easy to talk about but i think it's important to talk and discuss all issues regardless of how controversial and taboo in a respectful forum and space and i am glad you join me during this conversations. it's through this avenue that we can ALL grow and expand our minds and wings as individuals, wives, mothers, friends, human beings! We can only be better by learning from each other and listening to other people's points of view. Again thank you for joining in the conversation!

Sunshine Blossoms said...

I love that you braved this topic and asked a bold question. I agreed with so many commenters, but disagreed with a few as well. Simply put, the Bible says homosexual acts are wrong (except it is put a bit more harshly than just "wrong"). End of statement. You can believe in God and be a Christian - that's really all it takes. But a true Christ follower is completely different. Sure, we all sin. But it is about what is in our hearts. I screw up continuously, but am always sorry when I do and have the desire to change. God loves everyone and does not create mistakes. BUT he does not create the evils that are in this world -- he allows them -- but what a person acts on and does are their choice. God doesn't create gay people. He wouldn't create someone as gay while condemning homosexual actions in the Bible. I do believe there can be gay Christ followers who have the desire to change their lifestyle and are not acting upon their gay tendencies.
Like someone else said: Love the person, hate the sin. These people NEED to be LOVED and not condemned, but they also have to know the truth.

Candice said...

Heather - I could not have said it better myself!

Alida said...

I have a few friends who are gay and Christian. So I would say yes.

Elle Sees said...

I don't think being gay is a choice...why in earth would anyone choose to be judged and hated instantly? I've witnessed people be immediately turned against the second someone merely associated them with the word gay. It breaks my heart to see anyone discriminated against, whether I agree with their lifestyle or not.