Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Ramblings...a little of this & that

There is nothing much going on here in Team Pancakes blogland so today i am random rambling.
I am sharing with my lovely readers a little bit of this and that.

Thank you all for commenting on the Gay & Christian conversation. 
I am so glad we can all have a respectful conversation with one another.  

Bravoe Runway Takeover

I am so excited that B from Bravoe Runaway is taking over on my other blog venture, at TC30s.
If you don't know, B is an amazing and beautiful fashion blogger. 
She helps other dress like a million bucks without breaking the bank. 
Please check her out today on TC30s as she takes over!
You are sure to find some great advice!

Team Pancakes Thank You Giveaway

Don't forget to sign up for our first giveaway.  It ends next Tuesday. 
Again we are giving away three items. 
 A $15 giftcard.
Coming to America DVD.
The Five Languages of Love book. 
There are four possible entries!
Enter, Enter, Enter here...

Email Reply Comments on blogger

I asked a question about sending emails after someone has commented.
And the lovely and soon-to-be mommy, Toi gave me the directions i needed. 
Since then i have been replying to most of my comments.
It's the best thing since slice bread....helps to definitely connect with readers!
Here is the info:

You have to set the notify me when receive comments and then every time someone comment you will receive an email which then you can reply to your reader if the reader has set her email address.

because it always makes everything feel so much better!
Something lovely and wise:

Pinned Image

Actual questions Zina Harrington's daughter asks: 
We all have butt cracks right?
Where does hot lava live?

If we don't ask questions, we don't learn any other perspective
 and that can be stunting!
Be Curious!
Be Bold!
Ask a question today!

Have an awesome day friends!


toi said...

Thank you for the shout out :)!

sherri lynn said...

What funny questions from that daughter! Little kids always ask the best questions. Such curious minds!

Rocker Chic said...

Mrs. P I didn't know about your other blog I must say I enjoyed reading it. I heart Bessie :)

P.s. I think I ask over like a 100 or more question a day seriously. :)

Ashley said...

i loved this post but the questions at the end totally made me laugh out loud! haha. too cute!

Nellie said...

Very interested in checking out the fashion blog, you can serious NEVER have enough of those in your reader! :) Man I am so scared to get on that pintrest thingie, I might get hooked and never leave :) Appreciated your ramblings :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Pinterest sure is the best thing invented. I love all the different things I can find on there!

Replying to comments is the greatest, isn't it? It really does open that door to great friendships, I've found.

Bravoe Runway said...

Hi Doll! Thank you for the shout out...going to head on over the your other blog to see if those pictures populated. I think my laptop at work is on its last leg!!!

Sophia Chang said...

You know I really like your random posts lolol

Here's to Filipino crushes! (I've had too many to count)

Denise said...

Good random post!

Asking questions is the only way to grow as a person.. love it!

Have a great day :)