Thursday, January 26, 2012

52 Weeks of Celebration: Asgreen & Hubby

I will like to introduce you to Asgreen, an annonymous blogger who is the author of
 Always the Planner,
to share with us how her first year of marriage has been going.
 Asgreen has been married since November 5, 2010 amd just celebrated her first year anniversary. 
I have been so thankful so many bloggers agreed to support this series.


My husband and I have been married for 368 days (as of November 17, 11). 
Our wedding was the big party we had hoped it would be and we both loved every minute. 
However, we got married on a Friday and were both back at work that following Monday.  
I was busy working full-time and going to school part-time, 
while my husband was just about to start a part-time seasonal position (along with his full-time job). 
So a honeymoon right away was out of the question. 

Right after we got married everyone asked me whether or not I felt different.
It is true that I felt as if I was a member of his family in a way I never did before.
However, nothing seemed different in our relationship.
We had already been living together, and besides opening a joint savings account everything seemed the same. The first six months of our marriage flew
as I finished up school and we moved into a nicer apartment.
Every day I consider myself lucky to have found my husband. 
I know that in our future we will face both joys and struggles, 
but what matters to me is that we face them together. 

Being married also changes the way you think. It is no longer just what I want or just “my” future. 
Instead, when I think about my future career I now think about how my plans will work with his plans. 
My husband does the same thing. We make decisions about our future together. 
I imagine that this will only get more complicated when we start a family. 

The truth is things do change when you get married.
 It just took me some time to figure it out. 
With every day and every trial our relationship gets stronger.
 I know I am constantly learning how to be in our marriage. 
We are both independent and strong-minded people
 and so it sometimes takes us a while to figure things out. 
In fact, I’ve found compromise to be the most difficult thing about marriage,
 but it also yields the greatest joys. 


Thank you Asgreen for your reflections. 
I do agree that things do change when we get married
but the best change is getting to spend the rest of our days enjoying the company of our love!

Question of the Day:
What's the one question people would ask you during the first year of marriage?
What's the one question you ask people who just got married?


Teresa said...

Lovely sharing.

In fact all those gorgeous souls you've been bringing to your blog have been giving wonderful insights and sharing their "strugles" in the sweetest and most loving way.

As for your question, I don't question anyone during their first or 20th year of marriage. I watch and listen to the signs or the absence of it. Then if I feel I can help I prod gently and try to help. I've been blessed with friends who ask for help in the first strugle and it makes a difference - not let things getting bigger than they deserve...

I've been married for 23 years and those first years are the most difficult.

When you're born you enter a family that is already built and starts adjusting to you and you have all that growth and learning time to ciment your relatioship with them and showing them what you want and need.

In a marriage it doesn't happen that way, you're no cute baby and the adjustement will have to be made from already settled ticks and vices, and from day 1.

But do we have the work cut for us and are in for the most exciting blessing of our lives!

With Love, Preserverance and Truth - but more important LOVE (that love that make us not only love the person but liking and enjoying him/her as well) you are entering a all new dimension.

Blessings to my favorite Team Pancakes and the amazing people brought by them. I'll be praying for each and everyone of you.


P.S. I couldn't stop when Sam was here (computer was playing up :(). Sam is one of my favorite people in the wwworld. A blessed soul that makes me feel blessed and honored to enjoy what she shared here and lives in her own blog.


asgreen said...

Thank you so much for posting my contribution!

Amanda said...

Really enjoyed reading her recap of her first year of marriage and how it made her feel a part of his family.

toi said...

I don't like questioning people so much but two questions people asked me a lot were how is married life/when the baby?

Alida said...

I love reading about young beats hearing about all the break ups in the news lately.

Best wishes to Asgreen and her hubby!

Cami said...

Aw I adored reading this. This is so special!! Best wishes to many more years to the beautiful couple!:)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Compromise is a perfect word when talking about marriage. It really does take a lot of giving and letting go of stubbornness!

Lisa C said...

I don't remember being questioned much during our first year but I did ask a question to others. I wanted to know what is one important piece of advice you can give us. I wanted to know when the "fairytale" and the bells and whistles calmed down what sustained their marriage. I got some really good advice. One in particular was to remember he is your friend first and how you treat him as a friend will have lasting effects on our relationship. Another good piece of advice was to be polite. Remember your please and especially, thank you's.