Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bonding Over the TeeVee..

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Remember that time i put myself on the No-TV Challenge 
because i thought i was watching too much TV?!
It's true that most times TeeVee can be a major distraction 
HOWEVER it can also be a bonding experience for families.
I know whenever i go back home, we love watching shows like 
The Bachelor, 
American Idol, 
Dancing with the Stars 
and i cannot wait for The Voice to return.  
Therefore, there are many shows which brings families together.  

My question today is: 
What TeeVee (Television) shows bond you and the special people in your life?

To answer my own question, there aren't many shows Team Pancakes can watch together because Mr. Pancakes is not much of a TV viewer unless it's some sports related show like the NFL, NBA, NCAA, Boxing, UFC, you get my drift....but there are a few shows we can watch and enjoy together.

We LOVE and will LAUGH 
out LOUD together include mostly 80s reruns like:

Mr. Pancakes knows each episode verbatim!
We've probably seen each episode like three times BUT we both laugh out loud each time!
The ladies are still funny and relevant today.

And some financial shows like:

There is NOTHING like a Saturday night with Suze...denied, denied, denied!!

This is a Canadian show and was so glad when Mr. Pancakes liked her too!

And sensational news straight from the headlines:

The people on this show are so criminal and GREEDY!

I know, i know, the shows which we watch together are a bit electic 
however they really do bring us together and these are the moments
 when TV can be a definite bonding experience!

Question of the Day:
What about you and yours...
What TeeVee (Television) shows bring you and yours together?


Rocker Chic said...

You know I am a tv junkie and I am single now so these shows use to be our fav and bring us together here goes:

The Office
Burn Notice

Just to name a few lol

Desiray said...

talk about a blast from the past I loved me some Martin, that boy and his crew made me laugh at the dumb things he would do and what he said. Just like Rose she was funny too.

OurLifeUnrehearsed said...

My hubby is the same with the ESPN all day every day. Even Kai sighs and makes faces when ESPN is on. lol.
We watch IDOL, Biggest Loser, Martin & Cosby show re-runs, My hubby loves Golden Girls lol, and any documentary shows late at night we watch together.

Carlie said...

When I lived in Utah still, my mom, sis, and I would watch shows together (like Bachelor). Now when we watch them (different states) we text each other our thoughts still so it still feels like I am there. My hubs and I are fans of White Collar and Law shows like Suits!

CC [AKA Frugalista] said...

I'm not sure how it happened but hubby and I watch Teen Mom AND Teen Mom 2 together. We love it! That and Modern Family are "our" shows.

Heather said...

Great post! I also love American Idol, but our favorite shows to watch together as a couple are Top Gear, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Karla said...

Thats true.. I love cuddling on the sofa and watching "Our shows"! The husby and I are a bunch of goof balls so its no doubt our fav shows are; Modern family and the office! Oh my and we both go nutts over "So you think you can dance"! { shh just dont let anyone know} lol

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am a major TV junkie and I'm trying to get the boyfriend addicted to. I'm currently getting him into One Tree Hill and we actually have all these discussions about the show lol. I love it!

Feenkuss said...

I love the golden girls, its so funny :)

Lovely greetz from germany.


Nicole said...

Man, I am WITH YOU on the sports thing! Whenever hubs has the TV on, it's usually ESPN, or sports ANYTHING. We usually don't watch a whole lot of TV together, but he does tolerate several of my shows, which we watch together: Desperate Housewives, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy and CSI. I think that's a pretty good amount!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

when we watch TV we usually bond over Parks & Rec or football. :) Or some times Showtime and HBO shows.

Monique said...

These are all my favorite shows! I absolutely love Til Debt Do Us Part.

Faith said...

we def. bonded over X-factor this season ... and there is Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and a few others. i agree, that sometimes watching tv is kind of a bonding experience :) hehe, makes me feel better about watching it, haha.


Honestly? Any Real Housewives will do. How pathetic, right? :) xoxo

Marilyn said...

This is great.. Hmmm - we certainly do a LOT of bonding over Series, our fav lately has been Boardwalk Empire, (NOT shy to say ---REAL Housewives<--lollol), and LOTS to Top chef.. Too much TV time.. I'm challenging US to going without TV at nights.. Hasn't worked so far..:( lol

Marilyn said...

PS: I AM FORCED TO LOVE MARTIN!!!!!!!!! LOL, I'm NOT a sitcom person, but my fiance LOVES Martin to NO end, I always hide the remote and panic when I see the are re-runs ALL DAY..NOOO!! lollol

Anonymous said...

I love watching sports with hubs, you should try following the sports stuff. It can be rewarding too. ;)

Diedra B said...

we really love financial shows. Nanny shows, and other learning-oriented shows are great. Sometimes we can talk about concepts and incidents from these shows for days.
Gail Vaz-Oxlade is a fave in our house. We've even started watching her new show, Princess!
Hubby loves sports and I have to duck out of the living room for those.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Golden Girls! That was my Grandma's and my show (sorry for the poor grammar :-))

And cheers now - it was my grandpa's and my show - again sorry about the grammar.. haha

And now Cheers is the show my husband and I watch! It streams on netflix and it is the best!

Val said...

I use to watch The Golden Girls with my mom and loved it so much!! Sweet memories.

Melissa said...

Our favorite thing to do (hubby and I) is cuddle on the couch with a glass of wine after the kids have been put to bed and catch up with our favorite t.v. shows on Netflix. It's a nice way to end a hectic day and it's "our" time. And yes, we usually end up sacrificing and will watch a show we don't particularly like just to please the other.

I remember growing up though and bonding with my family over shows. We would all sit in the living room watching American Idol and pretty much every award show you can think of. And while I was in college, I always had 'American idol' night and 'Top Chef' night where I invited all of my friends over. We would cook a bunch of food and hang out watching these shows.

This all brings back a lot of good memories. So, yes...I COMPLETELY agree with you that t.v. can be a bonding experience...for everyone.


Bravoe Runway said...

The show that brings me together with my darling is MadMen...yes I have a love affair with Don Draper...or Jon Hamm either one is fine. It's our Sunday evening together granted he may be inside the small screen but that works :)

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

Hands down FRIENDS, Sex And The City, Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air... those are some of the shows that my friends and I bond over. Love them!

Julie said...

With our older kids we love to watch the new show on ABC "Once Upon A Time". Every Sunday night we look forward to sitting together and watching it.

My husband and I go through various phases. Stuff we DO NOT watch with the kids. We do a lot of shows on Netflix, we recently finished Battlestar Galactica (what can I say, we are NERDS), and Arrested Development. We like odd BBC comidies like IT Crowd. Its fun to sit there and laugh together with your best friend!

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Kyle and I have been watching Bones together for years. It's totally "our" show. And then we debate and make bets about what will happen next week.

We also have both latched on to "New Girl" and "How I Met Your Mother" this season. I was surprised Kyle liked them so much but we both really enjoy them.

kyna... said...

I totally want to do a NO TV challenge...we (by we, I mean mostly my hubby), watches way too much TV. It's his way of unwinding, but it also drains so much time!
♥ Kyna

Mimi said...

OMG! My husband knows every Martin to. The Chilligans island episode we will sit here and laugh ourselves silly. We also enjoy American Greed, Modern Family and Desperate Housewives.

TheProDiva said...

It's so funny that your first image was of Martin. That show is one that me and my hubby can sit around and watch for hours! We also like to watch American Idol during the audition rounds. And of! Have a great weekend!