Saturday, January 7, 2012

Staying Connected.....& Tagging Me!

Happy Saturday Friends!

One of my lovely readers asked me:

 How do you find the time to visit everyone? 

I don't visit everyone BUT...i try to visit most.
The answer is basically i am nosey and i enjoy finding out what is going on in people's lives.
The blogland is sometimes better than reality TV and some people have such interesting lives.
I don't follow people i don't genuinely find interesting, don't inspire me and or believe are fun.
Therefore, i will attempt to read your blog at least once a week to catch up on what's been going on in your life. It helps to have a daily read because i can check some of my favs daily; 
this makes it easy to comment.
Also if i visit one blog...and i see someone i know...
i will make sure i follow them to their blog and say hello!
Thank goodness to the smart phone, i can stay connected to blogs and comment throughout the day...blogging has become a GREAT way to pass through a boring meeting.
But i think for me...the #1 reason, 
i find time to visit (almost) everyone is because
 i am curious but nature and i am just interested in what's going on in your lives!

How do you stay connected to other blogs?

I was Tagged by some lovely blogger friends, Evelien and Miesha to answer some questions:

Evelien's Questions

1. What's your favourite dessert?
Chocolate of any kind
2. What's your job/ What do you study?
I like to talk and help people  so social worker--dream job: talk show host!
3. Do you have a Boyfriend/Husband and how long have you been you together/married?
Husband, we've been married 8 months, 15 days.
4. How did you celebrate New Year?
At home, watching football, feeling tired!
5. Where do you live? ( No address please!)
The US0fA6. Prefer reading the book or watching the movie?
Depends on the movie/book--one is sometimes better than the other
7. What room in your house would be your favourite room?
Living room/bedroom
8. Do you play an instrument?
No, but would love to9. What's your favourite blog? Just one!! (And no, not your own haha!)
Ones that make me smile, laugh, feel inspired!
10. Do you like tag-posts?
First one, they can be fun!
11. What don't you like about blogging?
Sometimes it can take over (evening)

Miesha's Questions

1. Sunsets or sunrise?
i perfer both...but sunsets if i had to choose
2. How many times have you truly been in love?
I thought i was in love many times before 
then i met Mr. Pancakes and knew love in that instance!
3. Name one accessory you can't leave the house without?
My wedding ring
4. Would you skydive?
Too scared
5. What's the first thing you take off when you walk in the house?
My jacket
6. If you were a bird, which one would you be? Why?
Parrot because i like to mimic people
7. What is one thing you love to do when nobody else is around?
Watch reality TV and blog
8. What's your favorite flower?
Roses, cymbidium orchids
9. What's your biggest phobia?
Something happening to one of my family members
10. Favorite margarita flavor?
Something red...not much of a drinker can you tell?!
11. Do you sing (I mean really saaang) in the shower? 
I wish i could but truthfully i SUCK at saanging!


toi said...

Love this interview. LOVE your blog so much :). I have the same phobia :(, when it comes to staying connected with my fav blogger I follow similar method to yours - I really can't enough of some bloggers like you but not always I can comment though I read the posts

Mrs. H said...

I stay in touch with my blogland through my google reader app on my iPhone. Hubs says I'm addicted because even on vacation I have to check it and see how everyone is doing. Loved the questionnaires.

Miesha Roshawn said...

Thank you for answering my questions! It is really hard to follow everything everyone is doing but like you I only follow those I am genuinely intrigued with! I don't always comment but I do read posts!

LV said...

I enjoyed reading this post! Nice to learn more about you:-)

Amber said...

Love all the questions and the answers :)
Blog hopping can be severely addicting... I too, love seeing what it is going on in everyone's life!! I consider many of my blogland friends REAL friends :)

Happy Saturday my friend!!

(this is Amber from alongdistancelovestory btw!)

~Style Bot~ said...

YAYYY! I love the insight into fellow bloggers. Thank you for sharing!

With Class & Sass,

Anonymous said...

blog-hopping is the best; i do it all the time. this allows me to find great blogs (like yours!) and many others that i add to my google reader. my daily morning ritual is sitting in front of my computer with my hot cup of tea and going through my entire gReader. it totally helps me kick-start my day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I don't have a system for keeping up with blogs. I totally need one!! I have a few that I read daily, like yours and I try to always comment. Some I read and tweet. I don't view my GFC blogs as often as I would like but I try to browse 3-4 times a week. I bookmark some sites & follow a few via email. So needless to say I dont get around to them all daily. I do try to visit all that leave me comments. I think that's it!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

How fun if you were a talk show host!
I definitely like catching up on blogs at least once a week (though life does get in the way!)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Faith said...

i try my hardest to keep in touch with the bloggers i follow by visiting their pages at least once a week. i notice that i make more of an effort on the ones that leave comments on my page that way i let them know that i am also interesting in them. it isn't always easy because i can't blog or read blogs daily but i make sure to make an effort.

i love your blog and the way i see that you make an effort for others. not just mine but i see you on many of the ones i read as well. goes to show what a wonderful blogger you are :)

Faith said...

p.s. chocolate anything is my dessert too :)

Ms. Geek Goddess said...

It can be hard to keep up. I know that I had a blog prior to this one for about 2 1/2 years and while it is nice to have a lot of followers. It is so hard to keep up at times, but I feel that I am better at it now with this new blog. Loved the exercise as well. Great interview. Perhaps one day you will get your own talk show! :)

This Cookn' Mom said...

I have a top blog list that I try to read daily(yours included-hehe). I save the rest for the end of the week while I am at work. I'll read to keep myself from falling asleep!