Friday, February 17, 2012

Inspires Me Series: Erica Diamond

When i came across Erica Diamond's twitter account, i was completely intrigued to go to her website and then i was inspired to reach out to her for the Inspire Me Series.   She is an award winning Entrepreneur and Business Woman.   She is an author, speaker, radio correspondent, writer and she exudes inspiration and i am so honored to have had the opportunity to speak with her.  Erica is definitely one lady you have to watch out for, she is already a big personality and going to become BIGGER very soon!  
She graciously agreed to complete this phone interview with me while 
she was waiting to pick up her children from school. 
I had to paraphrase her for this interview because i was all over the place while writing with pen and paper. 

Whats your name? 
Erica Diamond

Where can we find you online?

How and when did the idea for Women on the Fence develop? 
At age 24, She started a very successful entreprenuer business which become very successful within seven years.  During this time, she had one baby and another on the way.  She started to struggle with being a successful business owner and motherhood.  It was within this time, she decided to sell her business.  From 2006 to 2009, she stayed home and it was within this time she met another lady who introduced her to the world of blogging.  The concept to create change and make change in people's lives...
she realized she was "on the fence" about what she wanted to to do.  
If she was going through this then other women must be going through the same too.  

What is Women on the Fence?
In September 2009, she started to get an itch to do something different.
She wanted to inspire herself and other women to get off the fence.  
She believes people are constantly working through many different areas in their lives
 including jobs, marriages, motherhood.  
She wanted a community where women of diversity could come together and learn from one another.
resonated wtih business and wih

Do you Consider Yourself a Blogger?
She definitely considers herself a blogger and appeared excited to have been introduced to the world of blogging.  She believes there are so many wonderful individuals and networks which can be developed through blogging.

Are you living your dream?
She reports she is living her most "passionate existence."  At 24 years old, she wanted all the awards.  
However, she realized years later she did not want a corner office, she wanted to "manage herself."  She wanted to "monetize herself" and wanted to make her life all about the children.

What inspires You?
                                                    She reported her two boys, 8 and 5, inspire her.
She said children are always learning and improving which in itself inspires.
Watching people do what they love and are successful.  Individuals like J.K Rowling 
who wrote, Harry Potter, a work she was passionate about and believed in it so much.

What's Your favorite Interview?
She responded wtih she loves all the individuals she has interviewed.  However, if she had to choose, Mariel Hemingway, actress and the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway.  She was intrigued by her family, dark moments in her life and how she has embraced her lifestyle.
Erica has also enjoyed interviewing the Housewives of New York.
She also had fun speaking with Holly Robinson Peete about her career, motherhood and autism foundation.  

What are some of the challenges of blogging? 
Sometimes not having ideas to blog about.  If she doesn't have any ideas, she doesn't write.  
However, usually she is good at generating ideas and content for her website.  She shared she is a "social media junkie" since it's a great way to stay connected.

What does your husband think about what you do? 
Erica reported her husband is involved in a family business.  
He is involved in the commercial industry.
He is very supported of her and her current endeavors.

How do you make connections outside of the blogging world?
Erica reports you are not going to be successful in the blogging world
 if you are sitting behind the desk/computer screen. 
It's important to talk to people, be open.  
She spoke about the synergy which occurs when bloggers come together.  
She attended the Oprah Winfrey Conference in October 2011 which was "game changing."

How do you brand yourself? 
Erica spoke about the challenges that comes with branding youself.  However, she has been lucky because she does many things well.  She is not only a mommy blogger, she is a business blogger.  
She does not want to be "boxed in."  She wants to use Women on the Fence as a plateform to speak 
about all issues and share women's inspiration and sucesses.
She believes people have tried to brand her (box her in) depending on who is spotlighting her. 
However, Erica believes it's difficult to blog her because she is her!

How would you encourage other bloggers?
Everything has a time in which it happens.  It's important to find balance in various areas of our lives including mommyhood/business.  It takes a lot of work however it's significant to have boundaries and give everything proper attention.  Erica is a strong proponent of self-care including going to the gym and getting manicures.  She reminded us "not to ignore yourself" and "not to feel guilty to spend time with friends...regroup."

Do you like pancakes?
Erica said she loves pancakes!

What would you do on a longlazysunday?
Erica reported she would sleep in! The grandparents would take the kids and go for a massage.
  Sit on the beach, read books and the newspaper and do nothing.  
She would drink wine and enjoy silence and quiet with her husband.

Can you tell us about your book?
The book is entitled: 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before...Starting their Own Business. 
She believes all women are entrepreneurs and wanted to create a "coach in a pocket" for women starting their own business.  There are tricks, suggestions and ideas she has used herself.    

What advice do you have someone who may be on the fence?
"Always try to live in the moment...when i move out..i get anxious."
Erican reminds us it takes years to become sucessful.
 The harder you work the luckier you get.
Family is #1 over everything.  It is difficult to do anything without support.
 It's important to thrive for great support system

Where do you hope to see Women On The Fence?
Erica reported she has conquered online, has a radio show and written a book.
 She would love to see Women on the Fence on television.
Create your own luck in life.  


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She's really an inspiration to stop settling and do something! I love her go-getter ways. Fabulous lady.


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Great interview! I follow Erica on twitter and she seems very well rounded and fun! Thanks for getting the inside scoop! ;)

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