Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simply Whitney...

I remember when i was younger, every Saturday morning, 
i would listen to Whitney Houston while completing my Saturday morning chores.  
Pretending to sing like her would allow me to finish my cleaning faster than usual.  
It made the hard chore easy, fast, breezy and a whole lot of fun!


Many of us grew up listening to Whitney 
and have some amazing memories with her music that are warm and great.  
I will definitely MISS her spirit for music. 
 I remember when The Bodyguard came out, 
i knew every single word of every single song on that album.  
And the first time i heard "I Will Always Love You," 
my cousin and i would sing it like we knew something about LOVE and LOVING and losing someone.  
We definitely had a lot to learn about love but through her songs, we felt like we connected.  
None of us knew her personally but she allowed us to know her
 through her music and for this i appreciate her.


What i am learning about her unfateful loss is that 
if we do not take care of our God-given talents and abuse it, 
it can and it will be taken away from us!
Addiction of any kind is real..and we must take care of it.

I am wishing her daughter, Bobbi-Kristina, nothing but God's protective arms all through her life.
I wish her family comfort always.
I wish that Whitney's soul, spirit and voice is at rest 
and that she will sing purer, louder and better than ever!


Whitney Houston
We Will Always Love You!


Bijee @ PinkLilliesandBG said...

Its still really hard to believe, especially since she seemed to be at a point where she was trying to get it back together. You are right, that we must nurture our gifts. Good bless her, and praying for Bobbi Kris.

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

It really is tragic. All the talent, beauty, money and success in the world was not enough to destroy her demons. I love her music. She will be missed.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

this is so beautiful! so very touching. thank you so much for opening up and sharing this with all of us!
xo TJ

Claire said...

my teen years were ful of Whitney, i loved her! Its such a shame these things happen, i always think Where are their firends and family?! I mean i like to think my friends and family would lock me in a room if i ever went and got addicted to anything, but then i suppose being so famous no one wants to say no to her!
(come and enter my goveaway!)

Monique said...

Whitney was a fantastic singer and a huge part of my teen years as well. May she rest peacefully

Marian said...

I LOVED her!! Such a shame!

Amy said...

Whitney was a big part of my childhood. It hurts to know that she is gone. I wish things could have turned out differently for her, but unfortunately the drugs took a hold of her life. All I can do now is pray for her precious daughter to find peace.

toi said...

it feels surreal still. she was so much loved and she had the best smile ever. RIP Whitney.

natasha {schue love} said...

I really want to rent Bodyguard...such a classic. She will be missed.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

she seriously had talent that doesn't come around that often. her legacy will live on!

Miss Amy said...

Addiction is a scary thing.... So sad that she's gone so young.

Rose's Daughter said...

It still, even after seeing the funeral today, doesn't seem real. She will be missed.

❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

i grew up listening to her first albums.... so sad. this tribute is well-written. :) thanks for sharing. she had a voice of an angel. :)

hope you're enjoying your wknd.


YUMMommy said...

Hard to believe she's gone. Another great icon lost too soon!

Anonymous said...

I think that many girls wanted to be Whitney at some point. Such an awesome voice!

Janelle B. said...

She had such an amazing talent, and I grew up listening to her because she was my mother's favorite singer. Sad about her death, but she will always be remembered for her wonderful voice!