Sunday, February 19, 2012

LongLazySunday: Week 7

Amazing that we are heading into Week 7 of LonglazySunday...
it always surprises me how quickly time passes as we are living our lives.  
Definitely as time's so important to make memories 
all throughout the week which leads up to a montha and a year filled with memories!

Lately...i've been so very you ever get that way?

Here is what i've been up to today...

1. We attended Church early because Mr. Pancakes was the Worship Leader which was exciting...
he did an excellent job leading the congregation in today's service...he is so awesome.
2. After Church, we went to visit Granny...we attempted to make smoothies.  
We watched her "man" Joel Olsteen on television. 
 And then watched a tribute for Whitney Houston.  
And then she shared with me how her friend who had just turned 100 years-old recently passed away.  
Granny and her buddies are so blessed to have health and wellness.

3. On the way to the Nursing home, i took some pictures of the flowers that have been blooming all throughout the winter.  Nature is just amazing.

4. Then i ran some errands to the CVS and attempted not to 
buy anything other than what i went there for...
5. Went and got my eyebrows's been forever...i really needed to get cleaned up.
6. Then i did the unthinkable...i had a sandwich from KFC...oh the shame! 
Sheeee...don't tell Mr. Pancakes!!!

7. Since Mr. Pancakes is working until 6pm...I am currently watching Ever After: A Cinderella Story. 
And i hope to watch Love and Other Drugs...wash my hair 
and make the rest of my day a lazy Sunday.

Hope your Sunday is spent being long & lazy!!

Go ahead...grab the button and share your longlazysunday moments!!


Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

That sounds like a great Sunday! Have you seen Ever After before? It's still one of my faves.

I am having a less-than-lazy Sunday unfortunately because I've been a major procrastinator and I have SO much to catch up on! BUT I did my taxes and caught up on a bunch of paperwork and filing. I still need to put together this presentation for a conference I'm going to on Friday morning (so nervous about that) and a mountain of reading for school. Still, life is so good and sweet and full and I am so thankful for it!

Patty said...

That sounds like THE PERFECT kind of Sunday to me! I love this series! And I love 'Love and Other Drugs' even more. Enjoy your day girlie!

Faith said...

Everyone deserves KFC once on a while. And I love Love and Other Drugs. Such a good movie.

Marian said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!! I'm currently involved in a Gossip Girl marathon and I have no complaints:)

Kiah Torres said...

This sounds like the perfect Sunday! I went to church then my daughter and I ate at In and Out Burger, walked around Marshall's and now we are home watching LOVE SONG with Miley Sirus. Hubby & Daughter are off tomorrow but Mommy will be at work! BOO!! lol Thank you for your sweet comment! Kiah

Bravoe Runway said...

You got a lot done today! I am impressed you went to church, visited granny, and had kfc :)

Rose's Daughter said...

That sounds like a great lazy Sunday. I'm envious!!

Nellie said...

Sounds amazing! Lover Joel Osteen, my mom and I were just talking about him the other day :) Love that your hubby was Worship Leader, it must make you so proud! I know I well up everytime I hear my husband pray publicly... :)

Lauren said...

sounds like a great Sunday! Mmmm..KFC, it's a guilty pleasure for me as well!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I like how you choose to spend your lazy Sundays! The flowers are so pretty, and even though I wish we'd had a good winter, those are pretty cheery!

Newlymeds said...

Sounds like the perfect Sunday, Mrs. P! Nice to have a day of rest and relaxation :)